Midmar Dam - Very Good Bass & Carp Fishing

Midmar Dam Very Good Bass & Carp Fishing
July 12, 2021

Midmar Dam is the premier destination in KwaZulu-Natal for a wide range of water sports, fishing, camping and related activities. The reserve is 2 857 ha in extent. It conserves large tracts of rolling grasslands that support herds of various antelope and many bird species.

Thirty-two fully-equipped, (including a six-bedded chalet especially equipped for the handicapped) provide comfortable and attractive accommodation.

The park has a variety of species; red hartebeest, black wildebeest. The dam is zoned for powerboats and personal water craft and in the interests of safety, visitors must abide by this zoning

Midmar Dam Fishing

Fishing at Midmar Dam has been very good and Anglers at Midmar and Inanda dams have been catching loads of carp and bass all year round with great catch success rates.


Bass Fishing at Midmar Dam

Bass - At this time of the year, there are a number of hints and ideas that just one could use to aid enhance angling, as the water temperature raises, drinking water concentrations flood and new resources pop up.

Fast retrieval need to be a lot more intense and a lot quicker, crank baits and jerk baits with a lot quicker retrieves will get a lot more bites than slower movements.

Even when fishing styles these kinds of as flukes, senkos or spinner baits, a jerk then pause retrieve will be a lot more successful than a straight retrieve.

In a dam these kinds of as Albert Falls, scaled-down Bass hunt in shoals to lure Tilapia in the shallows and on specific fall-offs and constructions.

Retain an eye out for motion on the floor, brought on by fleeing baitfish, and current a weightless fluke on the outskirts of the shoals.

This is wherever the feeding Bass patrol in hope for a wounded Tilapia to veer off observe.

Fish these locations extensively and there is some wonderful fishing to be experienced. A different enjoyment concentrate on species is Tilapia on gentle deal with.

These fish can develop to weights in excessive of 4kgs and a specimen of one.

5kgs will out-struggle most fresh water fish pound for pound.  

Carp Fishing at Midmar Dam

Carp - Carp angling in the 3 dams (Albert Falls, Inanda and Midmar) has been outstanding, with great amounts of fish being caught from the dams.

This retains us occupied, but it would be wonderful to see the regular dimensions of the Carp maximize a little bit.

Thanks to the temperature, algae and floor weed has improved significantly. The water quality is really good.

Carp fishing at Midmar Dam in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands is a big draw for anglers. There have been South Africa's largest recorded bass and carp anglers in the past 20 years.

Carp in Midmar dam weigh up to 28kg and rarely caught big fish during dry periods when water levels are low.

A 90-minute drive from Durban is all it takes to get to Midmar, and the area around Howick is a great place to spend a few days fishing in the country. During dry times, plastic worms and flying lures have proven to be effective in dry times.

In a smaller dam, this is a very good issue since the fish have only just one solution and that is to shift to the river inlet, which would make them quick targets.

Top Gear Anglers are Using

Largemouth bass anglers are mostly reeling in at Midmar Dam in northern waters. Nymphs, fly-fishing equipment, among other lures work best to catch these largemouth bass.

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