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8 Best Crankbaits For Bass Fishing - Ultimate Guide and Review

Written by: Catchmefishing
Date Published:  March 24, 2021 
Updated: October 28, 2021

Best Crankbaits for Bass Fishing

Whether it is winter or summer, anglers love to go bass fishing. This habit is because bass truly are the most exciting fish to catch. The bass is the fish that presents the most exciting competition to anglers, with their aggressive reactions and their complex feeding habits.

However, it is impossible to mention bass fishing without mentioning crankbaits. Most anglers love to experiment with crankbaits when they go bass fishing as those attract the most significant number of bass.

So, what are crankbaits? What are the different types of crankbaits? How do you use crankbaits for bass fishing? Let’s dive in!

Rapala Rattlin 05 best crankbait
Latest Price
Latest Price
Megabass S Crank 2.0 Crankbait 7 best crankbait
Megabass S Crank 2.0 Crankbait
Latest Price
Latest Price
PROBEROS Crankbaits Set Fishing square bill Lure Hard Baits Swimbaits best crankbait
PROBEROS Square Bill
Latest Price
Codaicen Bait Fish Crankbait Life Like Fishing Lures best crankbait
Codaicen Bait Fish
Latest Price
Rapala quick dive best crankbait
RAPALA Quick Dive Crankbait
Latest Price
Rose Kuli Fishing Lures Lifelike Bass Lures Multi Jointed Swimbaits Slow Sinking Hard Bait best crankbait
Rose Kuli Fishing Lures Lifelike
Latest Price

What is a Crankbait?

Crankbait is an artificial type of fishing bait, typically called a fishing lure. It is often made up of plastic, though some styles are also available in wood. Its outer body looks like that of a small fish. Different crankbaits look like various species of small baitfish.

Crankbaits are used for bass fishing because the bass is a predatory species. Bass feed on smaller fish to survive. By making your crankbait look and act like small fish, you have a greater chance of attracting bass.

Choosing the Best Crankbaits For Bass Fishing

They say the best of baits are not only good at attracting animals but also hunters. Fishing is not only about getting the right pole but even beyond that. With little investment, one may go very far. Crankbaits may seem a minor addition to your fishing accessories, but they play a vital role when enticing any prey.

Some even say that crankbaits take the hassle out of fishing. With the newer ones imitating the dangling action of baitfish, they are sure to get you a good catch. Proving to be effective under any conditions, their sales have been rapidly increasing, making it a necessity that you wouldn't want to miss getting your hands on before your next fishing session.

However, due to market saturation, myriads of different crankbaits are available. This may prove to be a little troublesome for any novice fisherman, as many factors come into play, such as diving depth, size of the lip, and shape. But worry not! We have got you covered.

Comparison Chart

CrankbaitWeight Diving depth
0.67 oz7ft
0.35 oz3ft
3. Megabass S Crank 2.0 Crankbait
1 oz6.5ft
0.8 oz4ft
5. PROBEROS Crankbaits Set Fishing square bill
0.45 oz6.8ft
6. Codaicen Bait Fish Crankbait Life-Like Fishing Lures
0.4 oz5ft
7. Rapala quick Dive crankbait-to ⅜
0.8 oz6ft
8. Rose Kuli Fishing Lures Lifelike
0.52 oz6.6ft


Rapala Rattlin 05 best crankbait


Attracts Fish

Lipless Crankbaits are flat-sided and they vibrate when you reel them in; aiming to mimic the swimming action of a wounded fish; this makes it harder for predatory fish to resist attacking as it plays on their instinct—providing increased vibration when retrieved faster.

Produces Pleasant Frequencies To Lure Fish

Having a fluttering action, it alerts any nearby fishes even when in deeper waters. This, in addition to the sound frequencies the RAPALA products produce, allows them to easily attract any bass even if they are at a significant distance. Fitted with one of a kind sound chamber enables it to produce frequencies in tune with nature and feel harmonic, which helps soothe the fish, allowing you to have a fruitful session.

High Quality And Best Design

All of this, enclosed in thick, attractive plastic, also proves to be durable and can easily handle any bass with larger teeth. Each crankbait is equipped with high-quality VMC nickel hooks that prevent them from bending under strenuous conditions and grants the RATTLIN 05 the ability to catch larger bass and keep it from escaping effortlessly.

RAPALA is known to make quality crankbaits; the RAPALA RATTLIN 05 has an evenly proportioned design which allows faster retrieval while producing a lifelike wobble. Due to the thick plastic providing its appropriate weight, you can skillfully use it for long casting. You'll also be amazed at how well it casts.

Suitable For All Fishing Spots

Built to arouse curiosity in the fish, the RAPALA RATTLIN 05 holds well against all types of fishing and different areas. Offering a running depth of around 3-7ft works nicely with any fishing spot.

Works In Deep Water As Well

As the RATTLIN 05 is a sinking lure, it offers a vertical line of action, meaning you'll have to jerk it frequently to provide optimum swimming action. This works well when using the crankbait for deeper waters. A sinking nature increases the versatility offered as many different techniques can be applied.

What's great about this crankbait is how relatively effortlessly it can be used while providing satisfying catches. Usable directly after getting it out of the box. It also faces variable speeds well.

What We Like About It

Regardless of being a lipless crankbait, it still provides optimum performance with enhanced durability, not compromising the looks. The harmonic frequencies produced in combination with the sharp yet strong hooks validate to be a deadly combo that never lets its users down. Moreover, it bounces well off underwater obstacles with its buoyant nature, making retrieval a hassle-free process.

Pros & Cons

Works well with many techniques.
Fitted with special sound chambers.
Durable yet attractive body.
Easy control of depth.
Some weed might catch on the lure due to its action.
Sharp hooks need extra care to handle.




Silent Operation

The STRIKE KING KVD is a square bill crankbait that works effortlessly in shallow waters. Following a relatively silent approach to attracting fish, they don't have any rattles to make a sound; this is helpful as sometimes the fish may be turned off by it.

Experts Recommended

Made with the help of a well-known crankbaits fisherman, the STRIKE KING KVD crankbait has been continuously tested and never failed, making it one of the best shallow-water crankbaits. Providing a continuous yet delicate vibratory motion is the reason why experts recommend using this in skinny waters. Imitating a fish's hunting action aggravates any nearby species forcing them to strike even if they are reluctant.

Designed to be optimized at alluring bass at lower depths, it skillfully deflects any stones or surfaces. Also granting a sufficient running depth of 2-7 feet.

Raises Curiosity Among The Fish

What's notable about this crankbait is the realistic and 3D eyes that it offers, known to compel fishes to attack even if they are hesitant. Their relatively small size attracts almost any species regardless of their mouth size. Enabling you to hunt a wide range of species.

Available In Variety Of Colors

To further entice the prey, the STRIKE KING KVD square bill crankbaits come in many dynamic colors; beneath these eye-catching colors, you'll find plastic that can endure many challenging situations easily and covered by chip-resistant finishing. The plastic also distributes the weight well, making casting easier. Overall a crankbait that does what it says, all while providing an attractive visual appeal at an admirable price point.


Offering sleek hooks that do an excellent job at keeping the bass hooked; however, larger bass hooks may need to be changed as the ones that come with the bait might bend, but that is bound to happen when offering a budget-friendly price point.

All these features make up a perfect combination that will work wonders in early summer or springtime. Capable of attracting bass even in stained or dirty water, this shallow diving crankbait will gain the confidence of any angler.

What We Like About It

The perfect get-to-go shallow water crankbait for any fishermen, offering a silent yet flattering action that impersonates the predatory action of a fish, aggravating other nearby predatory fish to attack makes it useful when the bass doesn't naturally attack. It is available at a cost-friendly price; and provides many different colors and patterns in an admirably small size that will last a long time.

Pros & Cons

Budget-friendly yet nicely built.
Usable for the fishing of a wide range of species.
Realistic eyes.
Easily bounces off of obstacles.
Comes only in one size.
Hooks aren't preferable for larger bass, but changeable.

3. Megabass S Crank 2.0 Crankbait

Megabass S Crank 2.0 Crankbait 7 best crankbait


Good Motion And Trajectory

Made under the ”Support To Win” project, the Megabass S crank 2.0 is made to win angling tournaments, never making an exception on its agility; being skillfully engineered, it provides a tight wobbling motion with an extremely well texture.

Offering an S-wave motion, this crankbait works great at signaling any bass even at a distance; this particular wave motion allows it to swim in an S-shaped trajectory. This is beneficial as the crankbait can cover a larger area and move in different directions while always returning to its center, which allows for wider hunting and enhanced attraction.

To a fish, this constant movement seems like another fish fleeing that awakens the attack instinct in them. To achieve the optimum motion, experts recommend a 7:4:1 reel, which makes it follow the s-shaped trajectory as soon as you start reeling in, coming directly into action.

Wider Movement

Unlike many other crankbaits, the Megabass S crank 2.0 doesn't directly connect to the string but has a split ring at the point of attachment which provides wider and more freeing movement. The erratic movement offered makes it the best crankbait to use in open shallow waters; effortlessly deflecting any underwater obstacles and having the ability to float to the surface when not in use makes retrieval easier.

Wide Variety Of Colors

Suitable for catching well-sized bass, the Megabass S crankbait is available in impressive yet vibrant colors that stand out even in stained waters. This, combined with the motion it provides, makes it work well even along different weed lines. Making it perfect for early summers in open as well as rocky waters.

Good Performance

Having a manageable weight makes it easier to control, allowing effortless casting. It is also capable of diving up to 6.5 feet deep, a sufficient depth where most of the fish are found during early summers. Delivering quality hooks, but their spacing may seem a little off.

Providing increased performance and all the features of other top-notch crankbaits make it one of the most demanded crankbait in the market.

What We Like About It

The Megabass S crank 2.0 crankbait having a lifelike wobble and fleeing actions makes it suitable for one thing, and that is catching fish. Made to help anglers win bass fishing tournaments, they provide unique motion and vivid colors that enable anglers to attract fishes immediately. Capable of delivering an ideal fishing experience even in shaggy or rocky waters. Preferable for the slightly experienced fishers.

Pros & Cons

Patented design.
Allows for wider hunting.
Thoughtful design.
Works reliably even in rocky waters.
Hook spacing can be improved.




Attractive Design

The RAPALA jointed shallow shad rap 7 is a jointed crankbait, which means that it consists of two parts linked together; this specific build design offers exaggerated vibrations, which is shown to be hypnotizing to the fish, catching their eyes from a distance and luring them towards itself all while making their attack instinct kick in.

Natural Movement

Jointed lures are generally better at providing a more realistic action, while some even say the attached tail is captivating to the fish, all working to provide you with a good catch. Providing rapid yet natural movements gives the RAPALA shad rap 7 an appeal of a panicked baitfish that no predatory fish is going to spare eating.

Makes Sounds in Rhythm

Made for skinny waters, this shallow diving crankbait offers relatively higher levels of rattling when compared to its brethren; generating a rhythmic sound makes this one of the noisier options, which gives it the look of a helpless fish to any nearby game.

Works Well In Wide Areas

Offering an intense action underwater, this crankbait can skillfully be used to catch any decent-sized bass. The reason behind the shad rap 7 being this captivating is its motion and the eye-catching color gradients that it comes in. These qualities combined contribute to working in a broader area, attracting bass even when they are out of the way.

Sharp Edges

The RAPALA shad rap 7 emphasizes attracting bass and prevents it from escaping once caught; for this purpose, it's equipped with high-grade hooks with sharp edges that are rust-resistant and long-lasting, assuring you of not breaking no matter how hard the bass struggles.


You will also love how easily it runs in shallow waters, effortlessly dealing with weed or any stones. Experts recommend using this in summers but can also be used in other times and different places due to its versatile build.

Working on the stop and pump-action principle makes it necessary for you to yank it oftentimes to provide optimum movement to the bait.

What We Like About It

Professional fishermen can tell by experience how impressive and successful RAPALA products are. However, creating baits this effective isn't a walk in the park. The RAPALA shad rap 7 is also the result of their hardworks, offering a hypnotizing display that no predatory fish would leave behind. Due to its linking built, it may require complex techniques to use, thus advisable for professional fishermen properly.

Pros & Cons

Essential summer time bait.
Providing lifelike movement.
Exaggerated rattling to alert bass.
Easily runs in shallow waters.
Available only as one piece.

5. PROBEROS Crankbaits Set Fishing Square Bill Lure Hard Baits Swimbaits

PROBEROS Crankbaits Set Fishing square bill Lure Hard Baits Swimbaits best crankbait


Deep Reach

Working well with subsurface power techniques, the PROBEROS crankbaits run well in shallow waters. Having the ability to reach places that other crankbaits are unable to reach and still attract substantial bass. Its squared shape makes it perfect for bouncing off different surfaces without getting caught up in tight spots.

Offering exceptional hunting from 0-7 feet deep. The proberos crankbait is embedded internally with stainless steel bbs that work mutually with its shape to attract bass; a square-shaped allows it to deflect different surfaces; this also makes the internal balls vibrate and produce sound, collectively contributing to attracting more bass.

What gives this crankbait a special spot on our list is the admirable box that it offers, which can also be utilized as the best gift for any avid fisherman.


Delivering high-quality baits with laser printed design gives them a natural as well as realistic look. What's more is their longevity, made from durable material that is also environmentally friendly, making it worth every penny. Particular emphasis has been given to making its eyes look 3D, which helps aggravate the surrounding bass.

Made For Long Distance Fishing

Professionals recommend yanking the crank bait every 2-3 seconds for the best course of action. The internal bbs provide it sufficient weight, making it relatively easier to cast even at longer distances, making it preferable by many anglers.

Good Sharpness

Fitted with hooks that make no exceptions on their sharpness, the PROBEROS crankbaits puts your worries of the bass fleeing at bay. Time after time, proving itself to be unbeatable at the attractive price point they offer and providing features that will adequately arm any angler to win a tournament.

However, due to continuous and vigorous bouncing action, the lips may not hold on for too long and may crack.

What We Like About It

Functioning well at providing good movement to the crankbait and producing a good sound frequency even at lower retrieval speeds make it one of the best shallow diving crankbaits. Providing features that professionals can utilize while also being relatively easier for newbies to use, the PROBEROS crankbait can be the perfect gift for any fishermen.

Pros & Cons

Squared shape allows for increased buoyancy.
Embedded with stainless steel bbs.
Working effectively in topwater.
Attractive price point.
Lip may crack due to constant bouncing.

6. Codaicen Bait Fish Crankbaits Life-Like Fishing Lures

Codaicen Bait Fish Crankbait Life Like Fishing Lures best crankbait


Appealing And Attractive

The Codaicen bait fish crankbaits are explicitly made for bass fishing, making them extremely good at attracting and withholding the fish until you manually remove them from the hook.

Imitating the patterns of actual fishes efficiently, they offer a lifelike appeal that many other baits lack. Designed to produce maximum wiggling action, this, along with internal steel balls, makes them capable of attracting fish at a distance. The internal balls also make it the ideal weight required for good casting.

Comes With 5 Lures

The Codaicen bait fish crankbaits come in a box of 5 lures. Making sure you have an immediate replacement at hand when required. What's notable is the company offering full confidence in their products and providing customer service with almost anything relating to the bait even after months have passed of purchase.

Each crankbait fitted with two sets of high-quality treble hooks make it impossible for any bass to break out. Preferable for the hunting of larger mouthed bass.

However, proper technique is necessary to make the most out of this product; using the improper technique may cause it to wobble weirdly and cause it to move its head sideways.

Integrated Lip For Deep Fishing

What makes this so good at base hunting is an integrated lip that allows it to dive almost all depths, making it usable for deep as well as moderately deep waters. Without compromising its motion, also known to mimic a crayfish's side-to-side action, it offers a precise hunting action.

What We Like About It

The fact that it has an appealing look and its ability to offer a side to side crayfish action makes it great for hunting predatory fish; its small size easily dives between 5-10 feet. A wide range of colors, each easily distinguishable in stained water, makes it work effectively even in deeper waters.

Pros & Cons

Small size allows hunting of many species.
Easily dives due to the integrated lip.
Offers the lifelike texture of a fish.
Vibration may upset fish if proper technique isn't applied.

7. RAPALA Quick Dive Crankbait-To ⅜

Rapala quick drive best crankbait


Fast Operation

Just as its name states, the RAPALA quick dive crankbait has a well-engineered design that focuses on making the crankbait dive faster. As this ability is incredibly useful in many angling tournaments, the RAPALA quick dive is widely used and never fails its users.

You'll be amazed at how skillfully it dives; the reason behind this is its thin polycarbonate lip that ensures no time is wasted. This further helps it to achieve a diving depth of 6 feet, sufficient for any freshwater lake.

Long Casting

RAPALA, as always producing reliable products, has gained many professional anglers' confidence; the RAPALA quick drive has a well-weighted and balanced design that allows for effortless casting that can get as long as 150 feet. Proper use of high-quality balsa wood plays a hand in helping it achieve this casting length.

Being good at diving and having the ability to long cast are not only flexible; this crankbait dives quickly and stays in the strike zone longer than other crankbaits. This helps it receive enhanced attraction. What's more, the vibration offered by this crankbait is designed to receive a positive response from the fish, promising you a high-yielding session.


Offering a durable design, even with its small size, the rings and hooks still hold up well against large-mouthed species and don't bend. Preferred for professional use by anglers in freshwater lakes. The exterior is also known to look as well as hold well under different circumstances.

What We Like About It

If you are an experienced angler, then this will be the right choice as the best crankbait for you; with its astounding casting length that can reach up to 150 feet, you'll always end up with a great catch, preferable for freshwater as it can't provide proper action in salty waters. Over time the only thing it's been continuously gaining is trust of its users.

Pros & Cons

High-end design with enhanced durability.
Increased diving speeds.
Capable of staying in the strike zone longer.
Only usable in freshwater.
Sold as a single piece.

8. Rose Kuli Fishing Lures Lifelike Bass Lures Multi Jointed Swimbaits Slow

Rose Kuli Fishing Lures Lifelike Bass Lures Multi Jointed Swimbaits Slow Sinking Hard Bait best crankbait


Realistic-Like Movement

Multi-jointed crankbaits bring a new variant into professional bass fishing. Keeping their fundamental focus on perfectly mimicking fishes' swimming action, moving as realistically as possible. Due to the multiple links connected, they offer ideal movement regardless of retrieval speeds. What's more, it's equipped with an internal gravity ball that helps allure bass in both fresh and salty waters.

Superior Build Quality

The Rose kuli fishing lures are made by a well-known brand known for producing top-notch goods. This makes their build quality superior to any other crankbait on the market.

Good Trajectory And Design

Moving in an s-shaped trajectory easily attracts bass far away due to its changing motion to move in various directions. Its fleeing action helps kick in the attack instinct in fishes.

The Rose kuli fishing lures have extremely refined finishings; the pearl powder coating on top of the lure makes it look shiny and lifelike. Its relatively high quality makes it one of the best Christmas gifts for experienced fishermen.

Deeper And Quicker

A large-sized tongue helps the crankbait float to the surface when not in use; it also helps it dive deeper, quick, almost up to 6 feet. What's also special about the rose kuli is that it includes a vibration ball that helps create ideal vibration that helps captivate any nearby bass and gives it proper weight allowing for better casts.

A streamlined design makes it face winds and water waves effortlessly; professionals recommend the stop and go method as it works adequately.

What We Like About It

Suppose you are an experienced fisherman that takes bass fishing seriously. In that case, the rose kuli lifelike fishing lures will be the ideal choice for you, with their high-end quality and features they hold well against any situation. They play a perfect role in attracting any bass and also preventing them from breaking out. However, with increased features, one requires experience to use them properly.

Pros & Cons

Streamlined build.
Provides ultra-realistic movements.
Equipped with sharp hooks.
The company provides customer service even 18 months after the purchase.
Harder to use for novice fishermen.

What are the Different Types of Crankbaits?

Crankbaits come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These sizes serve different purposes when you’re using them to bait bass.

So, what are the different types of crankbaits, and what are they used for? Let’s find out.

Shallow Diving Crankbaits

Shallow diving crankbaits, as their name tells, are used for shallow water. But how shallow are we talking? Well, these crankbaits are great to use in a range of zero to four feet.

What are they used for?

These lures work best to catch the bass lurking in shallow waters, such as those close to the shore.

The greatest thing about shallow diving crankbait is that it probably won’t catch into weeds or anything like that if you pull it out fast enough.

These crankbaits also tend to have smaller plastic lips. These lips offer less resistance when you pull the crankbait through the water.

Deep Diving Crankbaits

The next type on our list is the deep-diving crankbait. So, what does this type do, and what are its uses? Let's see.

Deep diving crankbait is excellent for use in deeper waters. Its body is much bigger than that of the shallow diving crankbait. This type of crankbait also has a much larger lip. This lip size offers a lot of resistance in the water when you cast it.

Deep diving crankbaits weigh heavier than the other types of crankbaits. Manufacturers achieve this effect with ball bearings.

Since these crankbaits are heavier, they also need a much stronger rod to cast them. This tidbit is something that all bass fishermen need to keep in mind when going bass fishing.

What are they used for?

These crankbaits also go into much deeper waters, sometimes as much as 20 feet. If you cast this crankbait at a large enough distance, it may go even deeper than 20 feet. Since the bass swimming in such deep waters usually haven’t seen crankbaits, they attack them.

These attacks allow you to reel in some great bass that you otherwise wouldn’t have caught.

Lipless Crankbaits

As their name signifies, lipless crankbaits do not have the plastic lip that crankbaits are usually known for. Their point of attachment to the line is also on top of their body.

So, a lipless crankbait is smaller in size and does not have a lip. It also has multiple ball bearings in it that serve to make it heavier. These ball bearings make sounds that attract bass, so these crankbaits are also called rattlebaits.

What are they used for?

Well, their design makes them suitable to be pulled out quickly. The heavyweight of the lipless crankbaits makes them ideal for sinking well. While shallow and deep diving crankbait wobble when you retrieve them, lipless crankbaits produce more vibrating action.

This vibrating action, combined with the noise that lipless crankbaits create, attracts larger bass.

How Do Bass Find Their Food?

Bass track their food by using their eyes and feeling their vibratory movements through the water. However, on days when visibility is low, such as on cloudy days, the bass won’t see the crankbait even if it is right in front of them. Alternatively, bass also have trouble seeing crankbaits when the water is muddy or brownish.

Which Colour Crankbaits Are Most Useful For Bass Fishing?

Most amateur anglers do not know that there is a science to using crankbaits for bass fishing. The purpose of using crankbaits is to attract predatory bass towards it. But what if the bass can’t even see the crankbaits? Well, you need to choose your crankbaits in such a way that the bass see it.

So, how can you achieve that? here's the rules I follow when choosing what color crankbaits I use:

  • Use natural colors in clear water. Some good colors to use in clear water are grey, brown, or other such muted tones.
  • Bright colors in dirty water. you need to use a brightly-colored crankbait so that the bass can see it. Ideal crankbait colors in this condition are bright oranges and Chartreuse.
  • Use natural-looking crankbaits on sunny days when visibility is high and brighter tones when there is low visibility on cloudy days.
  • Match the hatch and pick a crankbait that matches the baitfish the bass are preying on.

Your success will be greatly influenced by the color of your lure when fishing.  

How To Fish A Crankbait

Fishing a crankbait requires a lot of thinking. Anglers relate bass fishing to what color the crankbait should be, what rod you should use, what the weather is like and how you should work the crankbait to get the best possible results.

Now, there are two basic possibilities for when you use crankbaits for bass fishing: You’ll be fishing in deep or shallow water. The techniques for both of these scenarios are different. You need to make sure that you’re using the right approach when working a crankbait.

Fishing Crankbaits in Shallow Water

If you are near a shore or a bank, you’re probably fishing in shallow water. Make sure that you use shallow diving crankbaits in this case. Also, make sure to keep your speed slow when using these crankbaits. When you feel a bite, retrieve it in a sweeping motion so that the crankbait stays underwater for as long as possible.

By doing this, you will ensure that the bass stays hooked to the crankbait.

Fishing Crankbaits in Deep Water

The most important thing to remember when fishing deep diving crankbaits in greater depths is to make a long cast. The longer the cast, the greater your chance of a bite. Make sure that you work on your retrieve. Fishing crankbaits in deep water involves keeping a faster pace.

As soon as you feel your crankbait collide with something, pause for a moment. Then resume cranking it rapidly. This method is known as the stop-and-go technique. It is an excellent technique to get a bass to bite in deeper waters.

Another technique is by getting ‘reaction bites.’ These reaction bites happen when you move the crankbait in a fast and random motion. The bass does not look at the crankbait closely before biting.

Well, that’s all about how you can fish a crankbait.

Best Rod And Reels To Use With A Crankbait

The fishing industry has come up with several models of rods and reels that serve highly-specific purposes. But do you need them all? The answer is no. If you’re a casual angler, it’s unnecessary to get a bunch of rods for different purposes.

However, it is a good idea to get a rod suitable for the kind of fishing techniques you use.

When choosing a rod

It is essential to choose a middle ground when it comes to rod lengths. While shorter rods are more accurate when casting, longer rods allow you to cover a lot more distance when casting. A good middle-ground for casual anglers is the 7-foot rod.

When choosing between action, a slow-action rod is ideal for fishing crankbaits as it allows the bass to bite into the fish fully.

Though most bass fishermen preferred fiberglass rods back in the day, more and more anglers are crossing over to graphite territory now. This switching is because of its lightweight and a higher degree of sensitivity.

We have reviewed the 7 best bass fishing rods be sure to check it out to help you choose the best bass fishing rod.

When choosing a reel

Crankbait fishing needs some specific reels for it to work. These reels usually come in the range of 5:1 gear ratio to 6.5:1 gear ratio. When using crankbaits, the ideal recovery rate is 19 inches per turn to as far as 23 inches per turn.

Be sure to check out our review of the 12 best bass fishing reels, where we review the top 12 reels and what we like about them.

These specifications will allow you to have a fruitful bass fishing experience by increasing the crankbait’s speed of diving.

Mentioned above are all the things that one needs to remember when shopping for gear for their bass fishing expedition.


Using crankbaits for bass fishing is a science within itself. Knowing all about crankbaits and knowing how they operate, what weather to use them in, what colors are suitable for your trip, and what equipment to use with it are essential things that you need to know when going bass fishing.

Crankbaits are essential fishing accessories necessary to step up your game.

If you want to attract larger bass, you have to put in some investment. As in the modern era, smart work is valued more than hard work; gone are the days when you'd have to wait hours to get a good catch.

Now, with modern crankbaits available in the market, you only need to learn a few simple techniques to attract your perfect catch for the day.

Good luck with your fishing adventures!

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