The Best Panko Jello Corn Carp Pack Bait Recipes

Jello carp pack bait recipes
June 26, 2021

What is pack bait?

Pack Bait is a highly popular particle bait that anglers can't seem to get enough of.

It's made with three components:

  • Breaker: The component which breaks down into smaller pieces when in the water.
  • Binder: A substance that adheres to and holds particles together.
  • Wetter: An ingredient that will soak the binder and make the bait become packable.

When all of these ingredients are mixed together, they make an incredible fishing strategy. It works flawlessly and has caught many of Carp and Tilapia over the years.

Fisherman just cant get enough of its success.

Carp Pack Bait Recipes - Panko Jello Corn

This is a wonderful winter season recipe. Carp pack bait recipes are so popular right now for their great success. Find out how to capture carp with bread (panko), corn, hominy, and jello. This is a fantastic carp fishing pack bait.

Its one of the finest bait recipes for Tilapia And Carp.


  1. 2kg of Panko Bread Crumbs
  2. 2 packs of Strawberry Jello
  3. #10 can of white hominy
  4. #10 can of sweet corn / you can use chickpeas as a substitute 

Making the Panko Jello Corn Pack Bait Recipes

Find yourself a good-sized container so all the ingredients can be mixed easily and avoid spillage. A 15 to 20-liter container will be ample.

  • Add all the breadcrumbs and jello into the container and mix the dry ingredients.
  • Drain the canned ingredients
  • Add the drained damp grains into the dry mixture.
  • Mix thoroughly 

This recipe makes about 12 liters (3.2 gallons of bait). After mixing, store in a cool, dry place for use. The jello corn Pack bait mixture should form easily into balls when pressed together with your hand.

Another great cheap recipe is the oatmeal pack bait recipe that I use for catching big carp and attracting them into my swim.

Good luck using the pack baits and have a great and safe fishing trip.

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