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18 POUND BASS in Distinct H2o!

In this video clip, my father and I are fishing in a Distinct H2o river I Colombia. I make your mind up to get a

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DISGUSTING Carp Capture n&#39 Prepare dinner! IS IT EDIBLE???

ALL NEW MF Clothing ► Use promo code “MFBF25” to Conserve!! I have wished to attempt consuming carp my overall lifetime and ultimately made a


For the adore of carp: Carp fishing fanatic speaks out around herpes virus considerations and alternate makes use of for the pest fish | Hunter Valley Information

+15 To most, they are the bane of our waterways – ugly mud-suckers clogging up rivers and harming indigenous fish shares all around the region.  


Carp Fishing PVA Bag Rig and Guide Established-Up

Gardner Deal with crew member Tom Oliver is a large enthusiast of sound PVA baggage and even extra so when the fish are commencing to

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