Lac Renard Carp Fishing- Amazing Lake in France

Lac Renard Carp Fishing- Amazing Lake in France
June 26, 2021

Lac Renard is in France's Champagne region around 252 miles from Calais.

It's a popular and easy fishing lake with excellent fish to around 56-62lb. The lake has a large stock of carp so can be classed as relatively easy although the lake has fish up to 62lb.

The town has many restaurants, shops, and a small tackle shop.

The main town is Brienne Le Chateau which is close to the majestic Orient lake and forest. It has all the basic requirements as far as facilities, and peace and quiet, and it's got something for everyone. It's around a 3hr 45 minutes from Calais which is a good way to travel down the main French town.

Lac Renard is perfectly located in a spot easy accessed by many travelling Carp fisherman.

Lac Renard Lake

A 7 days fishing at Lac Renard in France.

La Renarde has a surface area of around 10 ha (24.7 acres) and it is around 2m deep and has a bottom comprising mainly clay with silt areas.

All the lake's four swims are roomy and comfortable and have good access by car. The lake is set in a sylvan setting, in the middle of fields and surrounded by mature deciduous woodland, mainly oak, but only four can be fished by eight anglers in four swimming pools.

Long range casting is not required, so baiting up to entice fish to feed can be easily acomplished.

Each swim is booked for two anglers but a single angler can book a swim for one person.

Lac Renard Fish Stocks

The fish in La Renarde range in size from 20lb upwards with a maximum size of 62lb.

They show themselves well when feeding over the silty bottom and feeding to the bubbling fish will, very often, bring good results.

There are around 280 carp in the area and multiple catches are frequent with a large number of them being caught over the year.

Lac Renard Swims

Only four of the four swims at La Renarde are doubles, with each swimming being a double.

The lake can be fished by up to 8 anglers and can be booked for groups. Each swim has excellent access by car and there are some wooden shelters to sit under.

The swims are particularly roomy, gravel based and have roomy and gravel-based conditions. There is also a large area of open water in each swim on the dam and the north-facing side of the lake so enjoy the most of the sun during the day. 

Lac Renard Fishing Trip

Lac renard have very big carp so make sure you take good quality carp gear.

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