The Parrot Carp - Terry Hearn Catching this Huge Beast

Terry Hearn - The Parrot carp - Iconic Carp Fishing
June 26, 2021

After years of fishing, terry had one mission left to do, and that was to catch "The Parrot Carp." A 69lb Carp. The biggest carp on record in Britain.

The legendary carp fisherman from England, Terry Hearn has been fishing for over 50 years. He is known for his skillful use of the pole and line technique, which he mastered throughout the years he's been fishing. He shares his knowledge with others through several publications as well as online videos.

Terry is known for being one of the most successful anglers in history and having an extensive knowledge about carp fishing. Known as “The Carp King”, Terry lives by a motto that says it all: “Fish hard or go home!”

How big was the parrot carp?

The parrot was a whopping 69lb 3oz at its highest record ever recorded. It had been successful caught and registered at weights from 60lb all the way up to its massive 69lb record.

British Record Carp Dead: How it Was Found and Tributes Paid

Angler was on his first day fishing at a lake in Berkshire. He spotted a big lump out in the water at 5am on Monday morning. Angler said he could tell by the shape of the mouth and scales that sadly it was her.

The Parrot was caught at least four times this year at Berkshire’s Cranwells Lake on the Wasing Estate, including once to Terry Hearn at 63 lb. At the all-time high, the fish stays top on the official BRFC list.

How Did British Record Carp Die?

The Parrot was found dead on 2nd August 2016 at Shropshire’s The Avenue. It had been caught twice over the official record by Tom Doherty and Robby Harrison.

Big Rig had been hand-reared to a high weight at 69 lb 3 oz. The giant had been rejected by the British record Fish Committee. Wasing fishery manager Mark Hibbs has already had the Parrot autopsied and thinks it died of natural causes. The gills although pale were fully intact and there were no sores or lesions anywhere.

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