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Carp fishing - Making Purple Monster Squid boilies at the
June 26, 2021

Monster Squid uses squid extract, one of the best fish attractants known to man. Monster Squid Black baits have proven a hit, especially on the hardest tricky waters.

It has even shocked us with its amazing effects and results, it has ripped waters apart and even the roach are going for purple Monster squid boilies!

All the Monster Squid range are available as freezer baits, and the original Monster Squid is also available in Shelf Life's in sizes 10, 15, and 20 mm's, with matching air ball pop-ups. If you want to rev the baits up there are also the bolt-ons in forms of a food dip

What Makes Monster Squid Boilies so Good

All the tastes and textures of a carp's favorite foods are combined into one delightful snack that will give your fish something new to explore!

The taste of the bait is one thing that many fishermen, such as myself, notice when fishing. The intelligent mix catches more fish and appeals to a wider range of prey by changing depending on what it's catching at any given time.

The Monster Squid Black is the perfect carp bait to use if you are being bothered by birds. The unobtrusive color and hard exterior makes it difficult for them to notice, so they won't be able to see it or scare away your catch again.

It also has a substantial strike on any of the most challenging waters due to its soft but yet firm abilities that allow this lure to pop up out from under silt hiding spots.

Monster Squid boilies

Monster Squid Purple

Fishing enthusiasts everywhere are seeing the light. It turns out that purple was a color previously dismissed for its lack of luster, but now it has come back with an impressive vengeance and is proving to be more powerful than ever before!

Back in the '80s when this bait first popped up on store shelves people were able to see just how devastatingly effective these baits can be we all seemed like fools not buying into them sooner, especially after they proved themselves once again during testing.

Kevin Nash said about his fishing experience "even roaches go wild for purple!"

Do you want a bait system that has been tweaked to make it stand out from the group? If so, Monster Squid Purple is perfect for you.

All the Monster Squid Selection are accessible as freezer baits, and the initial Monster Squid and Monster Squid Black are also accessible in Shelf Life's in measurements 10, 15 and 20 mm's, with matching air ball pop ups.

Monster Squid Purple is a verified bait system that has been tweaked to make it stand out from the group.

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