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Darrell Peck Spinner Rig | Pecky’s Amazing Carp Success

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Date:  June 26, 2021 

Darrell clarifies that throughout that river carp fishing session he was fishing in opposition to snags in shallow drinking water above gravel/mud. He shows us how to use the Darrell Peck Spinner Rig.

Possessing to ‘drill’ the spinner rig into location with an intense solid he desired to assure the spinner rig did just what he desired.

Darrell Peck Spinner Rig

Spinner Rig is Darrell's go to rig for every occasion, he has also caught more fish on a Ronnie rig than most others. Ronnie rigs have nailed fish perfectly in the bottom lip and had great success with them.

Used in conjunction with boilies it is a killer set up. Able at catching record carp.

Check out out this pretty intriguing perception into Pecky’s Spinner Rig design as he reveals a couple of ways he edges ahead.

Spinner Rig elements include things like: Korda Extensive Gape X Hooks (Sizing four), Krimps (Smaller), Korda Spinner Swivel, Korda Hybrid Rigid Coated Braid (20lb), Shrink Tube (Medium), Sizing 11 Ring Swivel, Korda Kicker (Medium), Hook Bead and Micro Ring Swivel.

Wide gape hooks

Darrell's hook choice has been Wide Gapes from Yateley Angling Centre.

After 17 years, Darrell has always been using the same hook pattern.

Now, he has no idea if he will use it again - but he's found it so comfortable he won't change on any new hook.

Darrell's 'Washed-out wafters'

Darrell's 'Washed-out wafters' for donkey's have been ever-present in his tackle bag.

He used to make his own, but now carries ready-made versions of the same type of bait.

They look safe for the light color, which makes it look like it's not attached to his rig.

The neutral buoyancy of the wafters makes the hookers look safe and move safe' Darrell can also use them in the light of light-colored boilies such as Cell that's in the water with bad water.

He now uses them to look more like his favorite bait to look safe in his bag.

In addition Darrell Peck compliments the established up with: Cable Leadcore Chief, Heli-Risk-free, Korda No Trace Bead Process and Korda Length Direct.

Korda carp fishing Darrell Peck reveals us his Spinner Rig / Ronnie Rig employed to capture some huge carp (up to 40lb+) on his newest movie: Pecky’s Huge Carp Excitement - German River.

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