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Catching Carp with Oatmeal Pack Bait- Cheap and Effective

Written by: Catchmefishing
Date:  July 10, 2021 

Pack bait is a mix of various types of carp food and can be used to catch many different types of fish. Although its mainly used as a carp fishing bait.

Oatmeal is super cheap, and carp love it. It's great. You can go down any supermarket, buy tons of stuff for a few dollars. Then, add lake water, add your favorite ingredients or hook bait like core boilies or tiger nuts. Mix it all together, and you have an amazing pack bait.

When the mixture begins to get sticky after about 5 minutes. you can roll it into balls and then you can mold it around your hook or lead weight.

Oatmeal Carp Pack Bait Recipe

Oatmeal is just one of the very best pack baits. Catching carp with oatmeal is low-priced, uncomplicated, and a common process for landing additional carp.

Oatmeal pack bait for carp fishing

Simple Effective Classic Oatmeal Pack Bait Recipe

A wonderful real classic oatmeal base pack bait is simple, instant oatmeal, vanilla extract, and mix it all together finally add your lake water and you have great pack bait that the carp love.

It's a great bait for both channel catfish and carp, you will be catching them left right and center!

Ingredients for Base Oatmeal Pack Bait

Mix all three ingredients together in a good solid bucket until you have a mouldable putty like consistency. Not too wet or not too dry.

This base oatmeal recipe is great on its own, but you can also add extra flavorings and boilies to amplify its effectiveness it more.

Another great recipe I use is the panko jello corn pack bait recipe. Which is also very effective at catching big carp.

How To Fish With Pack Bait

The method is called “Pack Bait” and consists of three components:

  • Binder: What binds the ingredients together.
  • Breaker: The particles that breakdown into bits once in the water.
  • Wetter: moisture for the mixture that will make it packable.

Carp are known for their ability to gobble up the free particles when casting out small piles of particle bait.

Using the method, You pack the bait around your hook bait, but in my experience, the pack bait can fly off when you cast. Be careful when casting not to lose your bait.

The great thing about pack Bates is it allows you to chum just like you would with the PVA system, without having to buy PVA bags or mess with PVA bags.

Basically you take a ball or a handful of pack bait oatmeal, and you mush it, mold it around, the lead where the swivel or the hook is.

You have this ball of bait set sitting loosely around your hook. And when you cast your hook out, it hits the water and then starts to break up.

Your hook bait will be sitting in a nice big pile of oatmeal and scent and flavor.

Carp comes along, sees and smells the oatmeal and eats it up like a vacuum.

Using this pack bait recipe will help you catch more fish. Remember to use a good fishing tackle backpack to help carry your bait and take the weight of your fishing trip.

Good luck catching them huge carp.

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