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Yateley TRI LAKES Fishing - Amazing Angling Experience

Written by: Catchmefishing
Date:  July 18, 2021 

Berkshire is famous for its tri lakes fishing and animal park. An indoor playworld provides the perfect children's day out with 6m high slides.

The national angler's favorite tri lakes lakes are stocked with carp, tench, rudd, roach, bream, perch, and pike.

The Water's Edge cafe provides snacks, drinks, meals, and ice creams.

Tri Lakes Fishing

People from all over the UK fish in the lakes in the Yateley Lakes in a public park in Hants.

The big lake is full of double-figure carp, but the smaller lake has a good amount of pike.

There are no catch reports for this fishery but can be fished for PB roach or rudd or a number of other types of fish. It is in the same area as other lakes, with plenty of features like snaggy arrears, islands, lilly pads and large expanses of water.

There is also a good chance of fishing for the PB roaches in a smaller lake with a lures.

Fishing boilies or a simple rig work great for catching the double figure carp on the lakes.

Be a part of me and Josh as we head to 1 of our favorite haunts, Tri-lakes nation park in Yateley.

Yateley Fishing Lakes Contact

For more from south-east London, visit Berkshire.

Visit the Berkshire Country Park website and go on-to-site to find out more about the county parks.

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