Weston Park Fishery: Great place to catch fish

July 18, 2021

Weston Park fishery, Shropshire, is one of the most open up fisheries in the British isles.

The boathouse is open up to all to catch carp in the boathouses.

The area offers options for carp to above 30lb, enjoying motion, tactical communication, and baiting, and an appearance at 1 of the finest fishing destinations in the UK.

Weston Park – RH Fisheries

Weston Park Lake, created in 1812 and designed by the English landscape architect Capability Brown.

The boathouse has been a fixture in this town for decades, but only recently did it come back to prominence. In 1999 RH Fisheries took control of the lake and began refurbishing its facilities including the long-neglected boathouse.

This site was once known as "The Hideaway"--a natural retreat that served various purposes over time: fishing spot; drinking hole; seedy hangout with bordello upstairs until 1959… It is now under new management by RH Fisheries who have taken great care to restore beauty and function at all levels of their operation.

The 15 swims are well spread out and all have a finishing touch of bark chippings

The average depth of this lake is 3 ft deep, but the deepest part can reach 6ft.

Fishermen are always on the lookout for a big catch, and this season they landed 250 fish weighing from 20 to 43 pounds. One of their best catches was a common that weighed in at 40-02lbs.

There are roughly 60% mirrors and 40% commons. The best mirror to date is 38-15lbs but there's much more out there for those who dare!

The average water is around 3ft and there is a large head of upper 20's. It is common for anglers to catch over ten fish each time they visit.

My early summertime weblog fishing at the breathtaking Weston Park in Shropshire, the place I put in 6 times in the historial Boathouse which is open up to all.

It options carp to above 30lb, enjoying motion, tactical communication, simple rigs and baiting, and an appearance at 1 of the finest seeking open up obtain fisheries in the British isles.

Weston Park Fishery Contact Details

Phone number: 01952 463141

Email: rhfisheries@gmail.com

Website: https://rhfisheries.com/

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