5 Low Maintenance Pet Fish Species

Aquarium tank with 5 low maintenance pet fish species
December 1, 2022

When it comes to pets, there is nothing easier than a fish. While the initial set-up of the tanks and filters is time-consuming, once you get your fish settled you just need to feed it and clean it. No litter tray, no everyday walks, just a gorgeous fish.

Below are some of the easiest fish to take care of so you can get a start on your at-home aquarium.

Oscar Fish

Oscar fish in fish tank

There are tons you can learn about the oscar fish, but we are just going to cover the basics.

Known for its gorgeous black and orange patterns, the oscar fish is a popular type of fish for its unique design. There are many types of oscar fish and the patterns can vary from tiger stripes to all one color.

A common misconception is that they don’t need a large tank because they are born quite small. Oscar fish can rapidly grow to a maximum of 18 inches and will require room to do so.

Oscar fish are omnivores so require a varied diet, they also need vitamin C. Personality-wise, they are highly desired as intelligent fish. They’re smart and playful and will interact with their owner. Many people compare their personality to that of a dog.


Goldfish in fish tank

Goldfish are usually people's first pet fish. They’re freshwater fish and a part of the carp family. Not only do they come in the iconic gold, but goldfish are also available in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Ideally, they should be kept in at least a 20-gallon tank, not a bowl. They are also a popular choice for pond fish.

It is important to remember that they are bottom feeders, so you need to pre-soak the flakes so that they sink to the bottom of the tank.

Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra fish in fish tank

This freshwater fish is distinguished by its bright, iridescent colors. They typically have bright blue and red stripes running down their sides.

Unlike some other fish, neon tetra needs to be kept in groups. The minimum is 6 but they will be happier with more, so if you’re planning on getting neon tetra then invest in about 10.

They are small and hardy, only growing to about 1.5 inches. This small size doesn’t stop them from being a very energetic species. You may find them to be more active in the dark.

A part of being a grouping fish, neon tetras are generally a non-aggressive type of fish. However, if they are stressed or uncomfortable they may get slightly aggressive, but it is easily solved by fixing what is stressing them out.

Siamese Fighting Fish

Siamese Fighting fish in fish tank

While they don’t sound like an easy fish, they’re more commonly known as betta fish. They got their name because they are an aggressive species of fish and were specifically bred to fight one another. You should only keep one in a tank at a time.

Their popularity comes from their beautiful colors and billowing fins. They look elegant swimming around a tank and are ideal for those who want an attractive fish.

Siamese fighting fish is a carnivorous, tropical fish. This means they need a protein-rich diet and a warm environment. It is recommended that the water is kept at about 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Guppy Low maintenance pet fish species

Also known as rainbow fish, these fish can come in a variety of colors. They also have many different tail shapes depending on the strain of the guppy.

They are a very adaptable species of fish and are ideal for keeping in groups. Guppies are very lively and entertaining to watch.

Due to their versatility, guppies can either be very cheap, or very expensive. Some of the rarer guppies can be over a hundred dollars.

Guppies are popular as breeding fish. Unlike other fish who lay eggs, for instance when bass spawn, guppies give birth to live young. If you are planning on breeding guppies then you have to make sure you put java moss or hiding places in your tank for your babies to hide.


While fish is an easy pet, they are still a commitment. You have to make sure you’re feeding them, cleaning their tank, looking out for their health, and giving them the love they deserve.

Not only are they a fantastic decoration in a room, but they are also a great friend and you will learn to read their personality. Many people find that once you get one fish, you can’t help but love them and want to fill your home with them.

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