5 Pro Tips To Improve Your Spearfishing Game

5 pro tip to Improve your spearfishing game
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August 11, 2022

Spearfishing is a hobby, a sport, or a means of living all in one. However, like any other seemingly dangerous activity, it comes with a learning curve. Every expert spearfisher was once an amateur, taking it one dive at a time to slowly improve. During those first few dives, expect to come home empty-handed. But, like any other pursuit, you will get better in time. 

Unlike diving or ordinary fishing from a boat, spearfishing is a tad bit more dangerous. When you’re diving, you have an oxygen tank. But when you do spearfishing, you’re free diving or without one. Fishing from a boat is also a lot safer, given how you are in the confines of your boat. Because of the difficulty of this activity, spearfishers have to be very sure they know what they’re doing before spending long sessions in the water. By doing so, you can enjoy a successful catch while not sacrificing your safety. 

In this article, you’ll come across some pro tips you can apply to improve your spearfishing game, so you can do as the spearfishing experts do.

Improve your spearfishing game

1. Improve Your Aim Through Practice

Practice makes perfect, and that’s indeed very true with spearfishing. Expert spearfishers didn’t become so overnight. It took them hours and multiple sessions to get to where they are now. So, believe in the thought that you’ll reach that point too after lots of practice spearfishing sessions.   

More than anything else, you have to enjoy spearfishing. It’s not enough to want to try it out without enjoying it. Otherwise, all those practice dives are going to feel tedious.

A good tip is to aim at least five to ten practice shots for every dive. Then, after those practice shots on a target, you can start to aim at real fish.

2. Never Go Alone

You may know spearfishers who love to go alone, as they may find it more pleasing to be out there in the water by themselves. However, you may want to avoid doing this, as it isn’t always going to be safer compared to fishing from a boat.

Even if you’re going in shallow waters, the likelihood of experiencing a shallow water blackout is still strong. In case of an emergency, it pays to have others with you to help each other out. This way, you can ensure that someone out there will be ready to help you at the soonest possible time.

Most importantly, spearfishing with others is also a learning opportunity. You can learn from each other’s techniques, especially if you have other spearfishers with you who have been doing it longer than you have.

3. Practice Being A Good Diver

If you’re a diver, you have an advantage once you start spearfishing. The only difference is that you have to learn how to breathe on your own, sans an oxygen tank. 

For those who haven’t gone diving or snorkeling but would love to do well in spearfishing, you must double-time practice being a good diver. The diving skills you have buys you more time to hunt. Some of those fundamental diving skills include steady breathing and buoyancy.

4. Prove Yourself With The Right Gear

You can make no mistake in the idea that you have to invest in spearfishing gear once you head out. For beginners who are still testing the waters (quite literally, too), your gear doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. It’s only when you’ve immersed yourself in your love for spearfishing that you should start investing, little by little.

Having the right gear can significantly improve your spearfishing gear. Think of this as a soldier going to battle; your chances of survival are greater with powerful weapons.

For spearfishing, the basic gear includes goggles or a mask, a wet suit, fins, a weight belt, and a hand spear.

5. Be On Your Guard When In Dirty Water

Another part of the enjoyment that comes with spearfishing is getting to visit many different locations for the dive. Some waters are clear, while others are murkier. Some spearfishers, however, find thrills in dirty and darker water, especially those who are already experts. 

When it’s one of your first few instances of dirty and dark water, take note that you have to be on your guard even more. As human beings are more scared of being in such waters, fish feel the same way, too. It makes them more cautious of their surroundings, making it harder to catch them. 


Thanks to the thrill that comes along with it, spearfishing is becoming quite a popular hobby for many. Beyond the satisfaction of having fish to bring home, there’s the adrenaline rush that comes with it. Eventually, the more you spearfish, the more you’ll be inclined towards regarding it as a competitive activity, where you wouldn’t want to come home empty-handed. Practice makes perfect, and you certainly can’t go wrong with learning new skills as you go, starting with the tips above.

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