Comparing the Top 2 Fishing Apps That Are Available Now

Comparing the Top 2 Fishing Apps That Are Available Now
December 30, 2022

Not that long ago, fishermen had to keep paper maps of the best fishing holes in their area, jot down written notes about which types of fish they had caught, and chat on the phone with their angler buddies about their recent catches.

To say that times have changed for fisherman is an understatement. Now, thanks to the proliferation and popularity of a number of fishing apps, it's easy for newbie fishermen and experienced anglers alike to discover new fishing spots, check the marine condition forecast, and compare notes with your fishing friends—all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Granted, not all fishing apps are created equal, and some offer features others do not. To understand the similarities and differences between the best fishing apps that are currently available, check out the following comparison of two of the most popular fishing apps available today.

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FishAngler: User Friendly and Intuitive

When it comes to the best fishing apps that you can download today, it’s hard to beat FishAngler. It includes a number of helpful features, including Advanced Map Layers that allow you to virtually explore lakes, rivers, and oceans. The app also includes a large database of fishing spots, photos, catches, buoys, and much more. If you'd like to know what the water conditions will be like when you head out on your fishing adventure, FishAngler’s seven-day marine forecasts can help; they include wind, wave, and water temperatures. The app also tells you tidal predictions, water level forecasts, and water flow. 

FishAngler not only prepares you for your fishing trips, but it will keep record of all your catches. Log the details of your experience by tagging your catches with the fish ID feature, gear used, and water details. The app also provides a community feed of other anglers, both nearby and around the world, where you can connect, share tips, and join conversations. 

Fishbrain: Shop for New Gear While Learning Fishing Techniques

To have the most success fishing, anglers need more than a fishing rod and some bait. If you are relatively new to the fishing hobby and are looking to buy the necessary equipment, the Fishbrain app can help. You can shop for deals on fishing rods, bait, reels, and clothing by searching by brand. The app also offers information on fishing techniques for a variety of bodies of water—whether you are heading to a local small pond or want to give deep sea fishing a try. 

Fishbrain provides maps for a huge number of bodies of water, including depth contours and data on the layers. What's more, the maps allow you to drop waypoints, so you can mark exactly where you were when you hit a honey-hole.

Fishing Apps Help Make Angling More Fun

Fishing can be a relaxing and social hobby. To help get the most out of your time on the water, it's worthwhile downloading a fishing app. From offering map information, marine forecasts, shopping opportunities, social interaction, and more, these fishing apps can elevate angling to a new level of enjoyment.

You can find the app on both iOS and Android

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