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Night Kayak Fishing: Tips and Rigging Tricks

Written by: Catchmefishing
Date:  November 21, 2022 
kayak fishing at night

During the summer, when the water temps get high, the best time to catch fish is at night.

However, night kayak fishing is a little different than day fishing. It requires different gear and, of course, increased safety measures when fishing from a kayak.

The Tackle You Need for Night Kayak Fishing

The good news about bass fishing at night is all your rods and reels will work; you only need to change up the lures you’re throwing.

Fishing at night is similar to fishing in murky water. Fish can also not see lures due to the low light.

This means using dark lures, such as black and blue or black and red, will help your lure stand out just enough for the bass to key in on it.

Another way to combat the low light conditions is to use lures with a lot of vibration, such as chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits.

The vibration of these lures allows bass to use their lateral line to find your bait instead of relying on their nose or eyes.

Rigging a Night Fishing Kayak

Now that you know better what fishing tackle to use at night, we must focus on staying safe.

The most critical kayak fishing tip is always to wear your PFD. It’s easy to flip or fall out of your kayak, and that’s dangerous enough during the day, but at night it’s much more dangerous.


Kayak lights for night fishing

The next most important safety factor is to remain visible to other boaters. I do this by rigging my kayak with lights and wearing a headlamp.

I installed two LED pods and red and green navigational lights at the bow of my kayak. At the stern, I have a Yak Attack Visi-Pole, so I have a light visible from any angle.

I went with LED lights because I could use a lightweight battery that doesn’t take up much room in my kayak.

Lastly, I wear a headlamp so I can see to tie knots and handle fish in the kayak.

While fishing, I rarely use the LED pods or my headlamp to keep the bugs to a minimum.

However, when traveling, I turn on the LED pods to see where I’m going.

Kayak Fish Finder

Even when you’re fishing in clear water, at night, it’s difficult to see what the bottom looks like; that’s where a fish finder helps.

Knowing the depth and contour of the bottom will help you understand which lures to throw; most budget-friendly options do this.

However, at night it’s also essential to have a GPS fish finder combo.

It’s easy to get turned around at night, so having a lake make will help you keep your bearings.

You’ll spend less time wondering where you are and more time fishing at your honey hole when you use a fish finder with GPS mapping capabilities.

Don’t forget to turn your brightness down on the screen. Otherwise, you’ll have a difficult time seeing.

Kayak fish finder for night fishing

Last Cast

Bass become more active at night during the hottest stretch of summer, so if you’re struggling to catch anything, it’s worth heading out at night.

Keep these tips in mind to stay safe and increase your chances of landing a lunker when everyone else can’t get a bite!

Wesley Littlefield is a freelance outdoor writer and avid kayak angler, constantly pursuing the next big fish. He loves fishing rivers and old coal pits in northeastern Oklahoma, but he’s willing to travel anywhere for the next bite. You can join him on his kayaking adventures via his Youtube Channel!

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