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Embryo Crown Lakes - Peterborough
June 26, 2021

Embryo Crown Lakes aims to provide safe, natural fisheries that are affordable and accessible to everyone.

Embryo lakes are made from Yorkshire to Surrey. Memberships make sure the venues never feel over-crowded, but they also always have some visitors every day. The company is designed for people who value their time and want a great deal of privacy when going fishing.

Embryo Crown Lakes

The lake is aspect of www.embryoangling.org and memberships are obtainable NOW for those people looking at and working day dreaming of fishing this location. The crew at Embryo have not long ago designed all new swims for the lake and final wintertime (2017) 370 carp were being stocked in between 10lb and 25lb.

Established in the grounds of a general public Nation Park, the steep banking institutions and significant reed-beds offers this lake an abundance of ambiance, demonstrating you, particularly what the lake has in retailer for the long run.

SLR Marker float performs, PVA baggage, Spinner Rigs, Pop-ups and Heli-secure established-ups all aspect to make up this aged fashioned “smash em up” type movie with carp, carp and far more carp.

If you want great success, Monster squid boilies perform really well on the Crown lakes.

Embryo Angling Habitats

Embryo Angling Habitats was founded in the summer of 2014. Danny Fairbrass set up the organization in the summer of that year.

It is set up and run fisheries as affordable venues that anyone can join and also help others protect their lakes from the increasing threat of predation.

Embryo Fisheries have two main functions; to run their own fisheries and set up and help others to prevent predation of carp fish in their local lakes.

Crown Lakes Membership

They have a range of membership levels and membership levels tailored to each venue in order to ensure the lakes are always available to anglers. If you're looking for a lake in your area then please get in touch with them at the contact information below.

Wintertime Tickets - £75.00
Midweek Tickets - Minimal (Speak to us for facts and availability)
Weekend Tickets - Minimal (Speak to us for facts and availability)

Contact Embryo Crown Lakes

Speak to by using:

Phone Number: 01268 285987


Website: https://www.embryoangling.org/venues/

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