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A Quick Guide To Prepare Your Boat For Winter Storage

Written by: Catchmefishing
Date:  July 23, 2022 

Despite the fact that boating can be a fantastic way to explore the waters, the use of a boat may be restricted by the changing seasons. Therefore, you must store your boat until it can be used again. However, it's also important to remember that leaving your boat parked outside can leave it vulnerable to damage from the weather and natural elements.

boat prepared for winter storage

If you don’t know how to go about it, here's a quick guide to prepare your boat for winter storage:

1. Cover Your Boat Properly

If you're going to be keeping your boat for the winter, make sure you cover it up properly. A poorly covered boat can become damaged by wind and rain, leading to expensive repairs down the road. And if you don't protect your boat, you run the risk of having it stolen, including its seats and electronics.

Buy a good cover. The best covers are made of tarp-like material that won't tear easily, and they're usually backed with netting or heavy canvas. They also come with straps that you can use to secure it to the trailer or dock when it's windy.

If you're planning to upgrade your cover, investing in a Durable RV & boat enclosure can be a good idea. Make sure to choose something big enough for your boat. Measure your boat carefully before buying a new one so it fits perfectly when you cover it.

2. Clean And Shine The Haul

When it's time to put your boat in storage, you need to clean and polish it for the winter. This will guarantee that it continues to be in good condition in case you decide to go bass fishing in the future. Listed below are some tips on how to clean and polish your boat:

  • Clean The Engine: You can use a pressure washer or a hose to clean your boat's engine. Make sure that there's no dirt or grime left behind on the engine because it could get damaged when it freezes during winter.
  • Wash The Hull And Trailer: Use a power washer or hose to wash off any dirt from the hull and trailer of your boat. Dirt makes boats look old and worn out, so make sure they're shiny before storing them away.
  • Wax Your Hull: This will protect it from corrosion while making it look shiny and new. Waxing is recommended once every two weeks during summertime, but since you'll be storing your boat indoors during winter, you should wax it at least once every month until spring arrives again next year.

3. Lubricate All Mechanisms

Lubrication is essential in extending the life of your boat's engine and other mechanical parts. You must lubricate all of your boat's mechanisms before storing it for the winter.

The best method to do this is by using a high-quality silicone spray oil such as WD-40, which you can buy at any hardware store or online. Spray all hinges, latches, zippers and other moving parts before storing your boat. This will help prevent corrosion and make it easier for you to open these mechanisms in the spring when you are ready to use your boat again.

If you have an older boat with non-lubricated hinges and latches, consider replacing them with new ones that are already sealed with silicone spray oil.

4. Winterize The Engine

Winter is coming and it's time to store your boat for the season. This can be a daunting process if you have never winterized a boat before, but it's not too hard if you follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Drain the fuel out of the tank, including any remaining fuel in the carburetor float bowl and fuel filter. This will help prevent corrosion in your fuel system over the winter months. 

Step 2: Remove the spark plugs, belts and hoses from the engine. This will help avoid damage from happening during storage. You can also wrap them with plastic bags to protect them from moisture. 

Step 3: Unscrew the bolts on your engine block and remove them from your boat. You may need some help lifting it out, so enlist some friends or family members to help out if needed.

Step 4: Clean off any dirt or debris from where your engine was mounted, then use a hose to rinse down any residue that remains after cleaning with soap and water if necessary. Do not use gasoline or kerosene on anything that touches fuel, as this could cause an explosion if combined.

5. Prepare The Battery

Batteries are one of the essential parts of any vehicle, but many people often overlook them. Some people don't even know how to maintain their battery systems or take care of them properly. Before storing your boat away for winter, ensure it has fully charged batteries. You should also ensure that all of your electrical components are working correctly before putting them away for the year. This will prevent unnecessary damage, considering that your boat will be stored for an extended period.

Final Thoughts

If you're thinking about storing your boat for the winter, you must take the time to prepare it properly. This is especially true if you live in an area that experiences harsh winters. Once you've done all these things, pat yourself on the back. You've taken care of your boat properly before winter sets in, so you'll be ready to hit the lake again when spring comes around.

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