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Shongweni Dam Fishing Recommendations and Guide

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Date:  November 21, 2022 

This place has grow to be increasingly well known, mainly because of the reality that it is 1 of our most set up masses of water. Shongweni dam fishing has been close to for decades and is house to some of the most important carp landed in KZN. This is what we require to retain telling ourselves in time of desperation, these kinds of as we are going by means of at the second.

Shongweni carp fishing

Shongweni Dam

Shongweni dam, because of to its mountainous surroundings, is Influenced seriously by the rains, warmth and temperature fluctuation. As with most of our dams here in KZN, Shongweni goes via all of the threats and modifications that the other dams this kind of as Midmar, Albert Falls and Inanda do, but on a a great deal extra critical scale.

Shongweni dam can go from crystal clear to chocolate brown in an issue of 5 to several hours due to rains. It can go from 25 levels to 20 levels in a matter of days and this is exactly where the present issue of algae and organic expansion arrives in.

The climbing temperatures raise the advancement rate of organic development and this progress chokes all lifetime varieties around it, it starves the water of oxygen, and limitations visibility seriously.

Shongweni Dam Fishing

Shongweni Carp Fishing

Only the odd carp will be landed when shongweni dam fishing, but below are a handful of methods to be utilized that will maximize your likelihood of a fish:

- Improve the sizing of your baits. This will make it extra visible and much more pleasing to the carp.
- Include more flavoring these as Korda "Goo". This will aid the carp track down your bait in minimal visibility.
- Use additional floor feed, while this might entice barbel, it will also bring in extra carp.
- Fish in places that seem to be to be a lot less clouded with algae, the far more visibility, the much better the probability of a hook-up.
- Glance for motion or feeding carp on the surface area and make a feeding spot in that spot. These fish are clearly in that spot for a purpose and will be extra lively, feed much better and be a lot less weary.

Shongweni Bass Fishing

Bass -  Anglers visiting Albert Falls dam have been effective with Flukes and top-rated water lures these types of as Zara Spooks and Strike Professional Thai Sticks. Kyalami Bay is still the go-to spot for sluggish angling, with incredibly several anglers coming house vacant-handed.

Midmar has been fishing better than prior to, seeing a fantastic several bass from the banking institutions, as very well as the boat. At this time of the 12 months when visibility is lower, it is less complicated for lender anglers to sneak up on fish in the shallows, particularly from the shore.

Inanda fished nicely in excess of the earlier weekend, prior to the rains, but in the course of the week noticed some slow fishing clearly owing to the fluctuating pressure. Inanda noticed superior carp angling and plenty of barbel, for people who lean additional toward the comfortable styles of angling.

Hazelmere is yet another dam being discovered for its up-and-coming bass fishing. This dam had its very good days and terrible times, the latter of which was not found this weekend. Very good catches from the banking companies and boat had been recorded, and a lunker of 4.5kg was landed by a youngster close to the inlet on a Strike Professional crankbait.

A reminder that the 2022 Inanda Bass Classic is to be held in early May perhaps 2022. There are loads of terrific prizes to be received.

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