5 Best Fishing Spots in Europe

5 Best Fishing Spots in Europe
November 21, 2022

Avid anglers swear that there's no pastime quite like fishing to relax away stress and refresh the mind. But what about those who want to add an exciting European destination or two to their travel bucket list? There's no reason not to have the best of both worlds. Combine your passion for the hobby with your itch to travel and find a great catch in some of the best fishing spots in Europe.


Fishing lake in sweden

Along with its unspoiled natural beauty, Sweden has beautiful towns and cities to visit. The capital city of Stockholm has lots of intriguing museums and historical buildings. Best of all, you'll find great fishing with a view from Stromgatan right in the middle of the city. As you wait for nibbles, you'll have the old town of Gamla stan and the Swedish parliament building in the background.

Not far from Stockholm, you'll find fishing among nature at Ringsjon Lake where there is plenty of rainbow trout and whitefish. To fish and camp in paradise, head to the island of Galo in the  Stockholm archipelago.

Between the Baltic Sea, Sweden's lakes, and the river Söderström, the thought of moving to Sweden is a real possibility.


Fishing lake in germany

Germany is another country in Europe that is brimming with history and bustling cities. Berlin is a must-visit city with superb shopping, dining, and entertainment, and an island full of museums on Museum Island.

As for fishing. there's a plethora of big lakes and rivers in Germany, and they hold a vast diversity of fish. You'll find some of the best fishing spots in the Bavaria Danube area.

For the best river fishing, check out the Elbe in Saxony-Anhalt and the Rhine at Baden-Wurttemberg.  If you'd rather go lake fishing, Lake Starnberg and Lake Chiemsee are stocked with trout, pike, and bream.


United Kingdom

Fishing for carp in united kingdom

The UK has it all for eager travelers from world-famous landmarks in London to the rolling countryside and castles in Scotland. For fishing, Devon, a two-hour train ride from London is home to Angler's Paradise, a village built for family fishing at 30 lakes full of exotic catches of every size, color, and shape. There are comfortable villas for accommodations and even guides to help you have a successful fishing experience.

In Scotland, the River Spey is one of the country's finest rivers for salmon fishing. Anglers from around the world come here with dreams of catching a legendary Atlantic Salmon. Take some time between fishing to visit one of the famous Whiskey distilleries and enjoy the picturesque scenery.

If you're after a big sea trout catch, the river Tyne in Northumberland has a color that helps you catch the sea trout dwelling in the waters.


Fishing lake in italy

Italy offers travelers exciting cities, ancient ruins, and great cultural experiences from the food and wine to big-hearted people. And no matter where you are in Italy, it's not far from the mountains and the beaches.

Italy also has some of the best places to fish in Europe. You'll find stunning Italian lakes at Cingoli, Pioraco, and Sefro in the Province of Macerata. The lakes are stocked full of pike, trout, carp, and other species.

For the best river fishing, don't overlook the Po. Italy's biggest river has gigantic carp and catfish that will excite every angler.

If you want to go fishing on the open waters, the coast of Sardinia and the Egadi Islands of Sicily beckons for both beauty and an abundance of Sicilian swordfish and blue-fin tuna in the Mediterranean. Fish for Garrick, amber-jack, and snapper in the Tyrrhenian Sea.


Fishing lake in france

France is a wonderful country to visit with mesmerizing places like Paris, pretty beaches in Nice, and lavender fields and wine orchards in Provence.

It's easy to fit in some great fishing between all there is to see and do in France. Take a day or two to explore all the activities offered at Lac du Bourget. In the spring months, fishing is a popular activity. Aix-les-Bains, a thermal spa town on the lake is one of the best fishing spots. Rent a boat and spend the day fishing for perch, pumpkin seed, and pike. Then take time to relax at one of the thermal spas.

Along with Europe, America offers some wonderful fishing. From the amazing Lake Fork to Lake Champlain and more, to find out more into checkout the best bass lakes in the USA.

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