Fishing Brazos River - Complete Guide to this Texas River

Fishing Brazos River Texas
November 21, 2022
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Fishing is a great way to spend your time, especially if you love the outdoors.

Fishing Brazos river can be fun, relaxing, or competitive, depending on your desire. The Brazos river is superior for bass fishing and is among the best fishing spots in Texas.

I have compiled some tips to help make your fishing trip more enjoyable.

Fishing Brazos River

The Brazos River is among the biggest rivers throughout Texas, providing water for several lakes, rivers, and streams. The river also gets stocked with trout each year.

The most common fish in the Brazos River are largemouth and Kentucky spotted bass.

White bass and carp are also abundant. In addition, in many places, the trout catch is stocked each year.

Crankbaits and soft plastics make an excellent, beautiful way to catch largemouth bass & fly fishermen can usually catch an extensive range of fish.

Easy access at many river crossings makes fishing on the water or from the shore a possibility. - look for pockets of baitfish in rocks near bridge foundations.

Cast your bait at areas where rocks meet the water. Fish are known to gather here for food.

Fishing in the early morning and evening hours will often help you get some good fishing action.

Fish are much more active during this time than eating their regular meals of insects and baitfish.

Avoid fishing during the hottest part of the day, from about noon to 3:00 p.m., when fish tend to go into hiding and become hard to catch.

Type of Water, Quality, and Features

Lake Possum kingdoms’ water is slightly clear but very useful for fishing.

There are many different construction types you might find. For example, if you see larger rocks in the river, these boulders create hot areas for bass to hang out.

Be prepared for high levels of water movement, as this section is more wet than dry. There is little obstruction, but it isn't very tough to navigate.

The Brazos River is a good fishing hotspot for largemouth bass fishermen in the area, and shallow water on the northern side of the river makes it easy to access and catch plenty of fish.

River Brazos Fishing Tactics and Tips

Catching a trout on the brezos river

Fishing in the area of the Brazos River was enjoyable because I caught quite a few large bass and trout.

The Brazos River has lots of great fishing opportunities. I’ve had the best luck with crankbaits, but also, many of your standard lures and baits will work fine.

I had the most success in the mornings and evenings in the summer months.

Texas rigs with little to no weight cast of the banks got the fishing biting for me.

I prepared using a spinning rod setup for its lightweight and ease of use. You can always use a baitcasting setup if you require a heavier setup or need to cast out further.

Anglers I have talked to say that fly fishing is a great technique to use while on the river if you like to target the rainbow trout.

Brazos River Fishing Spots

The Brazos River is great for fishing, with lots of fishing hotspots around and throughout.

You will find some solid areas to fish from the bank and good spots for fishing from your boat or raft.

Depending on where you are and what time of year it is, there may be different levels of quality water flow depending on when the last rainstorms went through.

That said, you can fish dry and wet months without problems to catch plenty of bass & panfish.

If the river is running higher than normal, be prepared to deal with moving water throughout certain stretches of the river.

The most common place to cast your pole will be at the end of bridges in the middle or towards the end.

A good mix of structures is a rocky bottom, with trees and bushes off the side that you can fish from your boat.

The Brazos River has many different sections where you can find plenty of fish. The most common spots will be points in shallow water along rock banks and deep holes off the main river bank.

During the winter months, fish tend to be around deeper water, but as summer rolls in, you can find bass biting anywhere on the river at different times.

Some of my favorite places to fish the Brazos River are from Mixon Creek down through Possum Kingdom Lake & Dam down to the mouth of the river.

During these sections, you can find plenty of good fishing spots with deep holes and steep banks that lead to deeper water, where fish like to swim in search of food.

In addition, there are quite a few trees & brush piles off on the shore if you need a break from casting and do not want to drift your boat.

The Brazos River in Possum Kingdom Lake is an excellent spot for bass fishermen, whether you are a novice or seasoned angler.

I have caught plenty of fish using my favorite technique: throwing crankbaits along the rocky banks.


below is a list of common questions I receive from anglers about fishing in the area of the Brazos River. To help answer some of your most common questions, I’ve provided a convenient list below...

Is the Brazos River dangerous?

Yes, it can be, and with any water comes danger. The environment of the Brazos River provides many opportunities for injury and death to occur. All recreational users of the river do so at their own risk and assume all responsibility for their actions by either not having life jackets or not using them correctly.

The river has strong currents that are dangerous to swimmers that are not adequately equipped or are unfamiliar with the region's geography and currents.

Look for warning signs of polluted water and avoid swimming in these areas.

Always supervise children at all times.

It's better to go with friends to look out for each other and get help if needed.

What kind of fish are in the Brazos River in Waco?

The Brazos River near Waco has a variety of gamefish. Near the mouth of the river on Lake Brazos, you can target several species of bass.

Just below is Possum Kingdom Reservoir, which offers excellent fishing for largemouth and trophy-sized smallmouth bass. From there, it's a short distance to the main stem where.

Are there sharks in the Brazos River?

Although rare, some finicky small sharks might be present if they swim upstream, but the Brazos River is not home to large predators like bull sharks or great whites (phew!).

Certain parts of Lake Brazos near Waco are known for a few bull sharks, but no one has reported seeing them on the main stem or at Possum Kingdom Reservoir in recent years.

Are there trout in the Brazos River?

Rainbow trout are stocked annually in the river several miles below the Possum Kingdom and remain relatively common. So, you can catch trout year-round on the Brazos River near Waco.

Lake Bryan is a popular fish spot for largemouth bass and rainbow trout. A nearby stocking site features a bridge with an underwater fishing hole that places anglers smack.

What lures to use on the Brazos River?

Plastic worms and crawfish imitations are the most popular lures for fishing in the Brazos River near Waco. Plastic grubs, jigs, tubes, and crankbaits also work well on the river.

For those who prefer live bait, nightcrawlers or redworms are excellent choices for largemouth bass and catfish.

Where can I fish on the Brazos River?

There are many places to fish on the Brazos River, including the Possum Kingdom and Lake Bryan. Both parks feature boat ramps and a variety of facilities.

You'll also find plenty of fishing access points along Highway 6 or on FM 2222 just outside Waco toward Hewitt.

Are there crappie in the Brazos River?

Yes, there are indeed crappie in the Brazos River. The upper reaches of Lake Bryan and Possum Kingdom Reservoir are good places to catch panfish.

Just below Possum Kingdom, you might also have luck catching them on the main stem after dark down by the old power plant.

Your Next Trip Fishing Brazos River

Many factors can make or break your day when fishing the Brazos River. We’ve discussed some of these factors in detail and hope you find them helpful on your next river adventure.

The river has many different species of fish and provides opportunities for all types of fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing Brazos River is an enjoyable experience if you know what to look for and how to prepare yourself.

Take a good fishing backpack with you to help you carry your fishing tackle with ease.

Remember to keep safe on your fishing adventures and to be prepared if something goes awry.

Fish responsibly, and most importantly, have fun! Happy Fishing!

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