Cowlitz River Fishing Report

Cowlitz river fishing report
December 1, 2022

Cowlitz river fishing report. In the week of December 14th 2020 at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery separator, following on from 5 days of operations. 877 adult Coho salmon have been recovered along with 87 coho jack salmon.
Also there where 6 steelhead adults water run, 7 cut throat trout and 1 summer run steelhead adult.

On December the 14th 2020, the flow of the river at Mayfield Dam is estimated to be 8,800 feet cubed per second. The depth of visible water is at 11 feet or 132 inches.

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Tilton River and Lake Scanewa

441 coho adults and 51 coho jacks were released by Tacoma Power into Lake Scanewa during December, and 295 coho adults, 22 coho jacks, and one winter-run steelhead adult were released into the Tilton River.

Franklin Bridge

At Franklin Bridge in Packwood, Tacoma Power released 116 coho adults and 14 coho jacks.

Due to weather changes water level and flow can change any second. People who plan to boat and angle should be warned and aware of this.

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