How to Tie a Uni Knot for Fishing - Tutorial Video

how to tie a uni knot
December 1, 2022

 How To Tie A Uni Knot Tutorial

How to tie a Uni Knot fishing diagram

What is a uni knot?

A uni knot is a type of knot which is used by plenty of fishermen. This very diverse knot can be used to attach hooks, swivels and many other items to the end of the fishing line, It can be used to attach one line to another line as well. People from the UK will recognise this knot as the Grinner Knot.

Tom Rowland demonstrates in this online video how to tie a uni knot in this online video Uni Knot tutorial. Applied and built correctly, the Uni Knot can be utilised proper the way from the spool all the way to the hook. This Knot is seriously valuable and can be utilised to tie Fluorocarbon to braided line. A excellent all spherical Knot that can be utilised all all around the environment in numerous hook cases!


How to Tie a Uni knot Fishing

Tying knots can be tricky. In this guide, we will show you two ways of tying a Uni Knot which is perfect for attaching sections of fishing line together or joining lines with different diameters. It also has no twists in it and so does not "lock" tight like some other types of knots do when pulled tight!

This makes it ideal for carp fishing as they are very strong fish that pull hard against their bait at the bottom end of your rod.

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The first way to tie a Uni Knot braid is by creating one loop around both pieces (or ends) of the line then wrapping the remaining length back up through this loop. Do this before pulling the line tight, and the Uni Knot will hold very well.

The second way to tie a Uni Knot to hook is by wrapping one piece of the line around both pieces (or ends) and then pulling it tight. If you do this before tying a loop, you have created a Bowline knot - which is also great for fishing!

With carp fishing, your bait can be heavy at the bottom end of your rod so it's important that any knots, including a uni knot that's used, are strong enough to withstand these forces. The uni knot provides a secure grip without twists or kinks in order to avoid slipping when pulled hard against by fish such as Carp.