Will it Capture Carp? | McDonald&#39s Rooster Nuggets

The fifth installment of my “Will it Capture Carp?” sequence. In this movie, I endeavor to capture 1 of the most popular fish in the entire world with a foodstuff merchandise from 1 of the most popular quick foodstuff chains in the entire world: McDonald's. Do rooster nuggets capture carp? Observe this movie to come across out!



Day: April 11, 2017
Temperature: 79 levels
Cloud Deal with: partly cloudy
H2o Clarity: murky


Fishing Products:

Rod & Reel Set up: ultralight “weirdo” spinning combo
Line: two-four lb obvious monofilament (model unfamiliar)
Entice(s)/Rig: one/ Gamakatsu octopus hook w/ splitshot sinker



Key Filming: GoPro Hero three White
Continue to Photographs: Canon Powershot


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