War Eagle Jiggin’ Spoon Assessment

Walker Smith

Bass fishing spoons may possibly not be the most fascinating entice in the earth, but you merely are not able to deny their fish-catching capability. When any form of match fish commences shifting in the direction of deep drinking water in the summer months or winter season, these previous-faculty lures can do some significant hurt irrespective of your talent degree.

I preferred to share with you a spoon that has quite significantly changed all of my other individuals. The War Eagle Jiggin’ Spoon is the a single entice that stays in my boat this time of 12 months. The tiny specifics are what make this a ought to-have entice if you are concentrating on deep fish.

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Almost no line twist


Walker Smith

If you have at any time fished a spoon right before, you are in all probability pretty acquainted with the annoying trouble of line twist. Spoons are intended to flutter as they slide on slack line, imitating an wounded bait fish, but this attractive motion will demolish your line right after a handful of times of fishing. You may have kinks and coils all through the whole spool and line administration promptly turns into a nightmare. 

The War Eagle Jiggin’ Spoon, even so, does not tangle your line many thanks to its higher-excellent swivel. I have tried out including my very own swivels to lesser spoons in the previous, but I have however experienced to offer with line twist. I can confidently say that this spoon will not trigger line twist. I have guided with these spoons for a long time and not after have I experienced to end my customers to straighten their fishing line. Not a single solitary time. 

The swivel is also difficult as nails. I have caught hundreds of striped bass up to 15 lbs on the Jiggin’ Spoon and I have never ever experienced a failure. There has been no bending, warping or breaking to communicate of. 

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Superior-excellent hook


Walker Smith

It is quite darn difficult to come across a spoon with a higher-excellent treble hook. Most of them you can come across are flimsy, low-priced and they instantly bend if you hook a fish around a handful of lbs. I have used way too lots of several hours beefing up and customizing spoons right before manual excursions. 

Fortunately, the War Eagle Jiggin’ Spoon will come with a high quality EWG Gamakatsu treble hook. It will not bend, flex or split when you hook a significant fish. The hook in this photograph has caught around 50 striped bass and almost 400 lbs of fish. It is however equipped to snag the pores and skin on my finger, which is unbelievably spectacular in my view. 

I am not paying out time in the boat consistently swapping out trebles. I see the fish on my graph, I fall it down and I reel ’em in. It is actually that straightforward. 

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Get it out of the bundle and go fishing


Walker Smith

I really don’t make any modifications to this spoon right before fishing with it. I have extensive explained that I really don’t truly delight in tinkering with deal with. Some people like switching hooks, swivels and all that things. 

I really don’t. I like to fish. The War Eagle Jiggin’ Spoon is excellent for individuals like me for the reason that it would not need any particular tweaks. It will capture hundreds of fish just the way it will come. 

With regards to measurement, I strongly suggest having the seven/eight-ounce Jiggin’ Spoon. There is certainly absolutely nothing always completely wrong with the lighter one/two-ounce design, but the heavier spoon enables you to promptly fall on top rated of educational institutions when they are beneath your boat. Specially for much more pelagic fish like striped bass, this is a massive offer. They consistently transfer and roam, so when a pod of ’em exhibits up on your graph, you need to have to get it down to them in a hurry. I am grateful War Eagle can make this sort of a large spoon for the reason that I am specific it has authorized me to capture hundreds of fish a lighter spoon would not have gotten to. 

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I will often have a stockpile of them


Walker Smith

I obtain these like they are heading out of fashion. I in all probability have a dozen in my boat and a further 40 in my deal with store. If it is really summer months or winter season, they are rigged on at minimum a few of my rods. You would be really hard-pressed to come across a entice that catches much more fish. If it swims and hangs out in further drinking water, it will definitely consume this spoon. It has been liable for heaps of content manual customers and lots of scrumptious foods for my spouse and me. 

The War Eagle Jiggin’ Spoon is accessible at TackleWarehouse.com

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