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The Black Mirror Carp - Jason Hayward's Amazing Method

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Date:  June 26, 2021 

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I'm sure many of you have heard about the infamous Black Mirror Carp that was caught in England, and if not I'll get to it.

The black mirror carp was a huge mirror carp that was dark/black in colour. At the time it was alive, it was one of the most prized and sized carp in the country.

The dark, classic-looking British fish first shot to attention in the angling press when keen Korda user Jason Hayward caught it at 46lb in 1992.

The black mirror carp is a unique and interesting creature that has entranced both fishermen and scientists alike for decades. It was not until 1992 however, with avid fisherman Jason Hayward's catch of a 44 lb specimen, that this unusual looking fish became more well known beyond scientific circles.

The Black Mirror Carp

"I started by catching a few smaller carp because my lure was too big for them," said Hayward. "Then I saw these two huge ones swimming together.

So for all anglers out there looking to catch some carp, here are some tips from Jason Hayward on how he managed to catch this monster fish using his own method.

Jason Hayward in a no-holds-barred interview on carp fishing with a have a look at the magical Black Mirror Carp that he found all these years in the past.

The Black Mirror – Dead

The 'Black Mirror' died in August 2010. One of the prettiest carp ever to grace the bank near Heathrow was found dead. During its life it was one of the most prized and saught after carp to be fished in the uk.

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