Steve Briggs Carp fishing at Iktus Lake

Iktus Lake Carp Fishing


It's Christmas time and Steve Briggs is back at Carp Fishing. He visits lake Iktus in Southern France, near the city Pau (Aquitaine). With a total surface of 100 Hectares(almost 200 acres). Includes a huge lake of 35 hectares (87 acres) and a smaller one of the two at 40 acres.

Lake Iktus Carp fishing map

Steve's In search of some of the monster carp. He also catches a sturgeon, but will he be able to break a record with some of the huge carp?! They are known to belong in these lakes!

I've been here before guys and I can tell you from experience… ITS a hell of a buzz when you hook into a biggun!! 🙂


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