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Night on Stone Lake Carp Fishing

Written by: Catchmefishing
Date:  June 26, 2021 

Night on Stone Lake Carp Fishing

Tonight back down the local pond again, it's like next door this time, so I just got down. I managed to figure a couple of spots out before it got dark; as you can see, it's dark now, so hopefully, we can get a couple before it gets too dark.

Trying to catch carp stone lake

Yeah, it's not that busy when there are only one other person and me, so hopefully should get to fish again. It's been raining on and off all day and showers through the night as well.
I say we get on and keep you updated.

There's nothing to update you on on the fish front at the moment.
Hopefully, there will be some fish moving later.

The rig is done, going to be using it tonight; it's a pretty simple rig that is just a fang gyro hook scope XP pop up the pinkest one just like a loop to loop straight up to the swivel, and that should fall and sit like that, lovely.

Always before you cast it out, check it in the edge. Typically with these, you have to trim off just a little bit to have it sinking and sits down. It goes nice and slow should sit on the bottom like that.

Please give it a quick spray of the scopex squid hook bait juice before it goes out.
I've had quite a lot of success on that one. It seems like a good one to use at the moment; the fish like it. It stinks though when you've used it for a bit. Ahh, but then the fish-like it.
So that's it's tonight, nice and simple, just over a bed of scopeX squid boilies and wait for them to move in. See you in the next bit.
Hopefully, we have a fish to show you.

Well, morning now, and there is nothing to report, I'm afraid, not a single fish last night.

So I'm like just giving it a couple of hours here, pack away and then have a walk around and see if I can find any fish anywhere else.
I'm going to give you a quick look at the lake where I am now. I'll keep you updated.

Okay, update, this is where I'm set up. Still sitting in the bivvy, it's only about ten past 6:00 in the morning. The rods have been quiet all night.

Well, as I said, I'll give it another couple of hours here, see if they do move on to the bait. If not, I'll go and look for them. Catch you in a bit.

Well, I can't believe this, sitting here waiting for the fish to show, and one just snuck up here; I need to sneak a little bait on that one, I think.
I'll take anything at the moment.

Well, I've had a fish three times jumped out, well, stick his head out just down there. I'm not as close in, but that's if that's where they want to be, then that's where I want to be.

Keep it there for a little bit and see if a fish does when I have a small feed up then.
Okay. You're updated. Hopefully, the next time you see me will be with a fish.

I've had to move swims. They weren't happening down there. Now. I have been sitting down there all night and gave it a couple of hours this morning, and nothing is happening.

There are a few smaller fish is moving about, but nothing was interested. So I'd just moved up to the other end of the lake, packed everything away.
Just come up here. I'll probably do a couple of hours. I've seen a few up here already. So hopefully I'll have a fish to show you.

It's looking a bit better up here as well with the weather, the winds coming into towards me, and there's a nice set of pads just around to the left, uh, fishing in close, but I'll show you where I am in a minute.
Just show you.
So, yeah, I'm only at the other end of the lake, just a couple of swims down from the end.

I got one just around to the right here. The carp are close again. They do seem to like it in close and then just come around this side.

I don't know if you can see them, but there's a set of Lily pads just down there.
When I just walked down there a few minutes ago, a few fish just moved around it. So hopefully, we'll get one of them.
Anyway, keep you updated.

Right. It looks like that's going to be it for this video. No fish this weekend.
I've still got the rods out at the moment, but time's running out quickly now.
So it looks like this is going to be a video with no fishing.
Thanks to everyone that is watching the videos, but I appreciate it.
And hopefully, we can get a lot more done, and you can keep watching them.
So unless I've caught a fish in the next 10 minutes,
Thanks for watching this video, and I'll see you at the next one.

Let's hope we have more fish then, see you next time.

Well, I thought this would be a video with no fish, but just as I put all the camera equipment away, the left-hand rod was away. It screamed off as if it was a 20 or 30 pounder, but it was just an angry baby common.
A very angry Common as well he was.
So they say said we have no fish. I got a nice little one to show you.

Match Lake 2 (Old Specimen Lake)

Match Lake 1 stocked with Carp and a few up to 20lb of Carp. Carp is averaging 3-6lb. Some tench and Bream

Best Methods & General Information

Baits include Pellet, Paste, Meat, Corn and Mini Boilies. Feed little and often to keep these fish in your swim. Use the bottom of the feeder as well as the bottom for bait. The fish can reach a depth of 4-6ft and measure up to 6in length.


Es gibme sechs optimal and schön angelegte Angelplätze. Plảtze kỏnnen von maximal drei personen befischt werden. Platz 1,3, 3, 5 and 6 bieten Platz fủr jewuils zwei Personen! Platz 5, ‘Social-Platz“ ist. für bis zu 4 Angler ausgelegt ist.

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