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Minnesota invasive species deliver about special fishing problems

Though there are a variety of invasive species discovered in our Minnesota lakes, one particular of the much more typical species is the zebra mussel. This modest clam-like animal is about the dimension of a fingernail but is a prolific breeder and can produce a populace explosion.

The zebra mussel feeds on algae and plankton by natural means discovered in the h2o. A person small mussel can filter a quart of h2o a working day. This filtering will increase h2o clarity noticeably.

I fish a variety of lakes that have zebra mussel invasions and have witnessed the outcome these critters have on a fishery. The moment the h2o clarity commences to raise, key modifications come about to the lake’s ecosystem.

The initially detail I have found is the modify in the weed construction. Clearer h2o indicates improved gentle penetration into further h2o. Additional gentle penetration equates to a larger quantity of weeds and weeds at better depths.

A person lake I made use of to fish was a shallow system of h2o with a superior algae articles. This extremely fertile lake experienced a powerful walleye populace even with the bad h2o clarity. The moment the zebra mussels cleaned up the h2o, the weeds took about to the stage it is extremely hard to fish in the summertime months.

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On other walleye lakes, I have noticed the deep weedline migrate down to about 20 toes. In addition to this, the lake base has formulated a small increasing moss that fouls most displays and will make trolling for fish just about extremely hard.

The moment the weed construction in a lake modifications and the clarity will increase, fish readjust their place designs. Common fish keeping constructions shed their charm and the fish relocate to new haunts.

To be effective on zebra mussel lakes, I have experienced to rethink my approaches. A person technique is to use base bouncers that assistance preserve my bait up larger. I also discover myself fishing substantially further h2o than I made use of to.

On some lakes, I now concentrate on bass as a substitute of walleyes. Bass appear to modify to the crystal clear h2o far better than walleyes. They are also weed-oriented fish.

Aquatic invasive species considerations are right here to remain. Nonetheless, we need to nonetheless do our portion to preserve them from spreading.

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This is the view of outdoor columnist Jerry Carlson. Get hold of him at jerrycarlson@cloudnet.com.

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