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Lake Fork Fishing Practice Hunting Big Bass Part 1

Written by: Catchmefishing
Date:  May 13, 2021 

Lake Fork Fishing Practise day 1 and 2

Where do we begin on this one, with 80-degree weather that we've got scheduled for today and tomorrow? Going to pull some fish in, I don't know what to expect back in this stuff, but you got some. Gator grass back here, which is always good spawning stuff, yeah. Have they moved back? They still out deeper, It definitely could be a frog biting this stuff, not quite sure. These waters not as clear as I was hoping for, that's for sure.

You've got to fish a little bit slower runner because you get on high in this trolling motor, and you run in and stomp, then you break everything. It is so kind of ease your way through these stump fields, especially when you don't know where all the stumps are.
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I think I got to get a froggy out; there's a bunch of grass out of this flat out here. I don't know if it's too shallow and even gets into a problem. It will be the wind blowing the way it's blowing today. It's Lakes probably going to fish a lot smaller than then what we want-but getting the deal out for my bladed jig trailer. 

I'm going to be partly sunny and warmer. Watch the pelicans they're like synchronized head diving. Haha

I bought these big hollow belly baits holding the top starts getting big, and hook wants to come out of it. I usually use a stir stick. I got a straw. I'm going to use a piece of plastic so the bait and the hook can't come out like that.

You can see the water is a little cleaner. It was a bad fish back there. 

That's a Lake Fork Beast. I don't even know how big that is; eight or nine probably, big old fat free-spawner.
Okay, there's one, another big one. I like that, that's good. It keeps the confidence going. 

Okay, we're not going to fish in here anymore I don't want to stick anymore of them.

Yeah, it's pretty tight, yeah. 

First Day Practise On Lake Fork Fishing

Well, my first day on Lake Fork was nothing outrageous by any means, you know, some big ones, yeah.

I caught one that was probably eight or nine pounds, and then the next cast caught one about six. 

It's fun, it's cool to catch a big one, but then they'll then again you are always like, hate catching big ones in practice.

Second Day Practise On Lake Fork Fishing

I don't think we're going to last long back here; I'm just not seeing anything that's getting me super excited. Water super dirty, and I'm thinking of trying to get behind all these grass lines and see if we can find some cleaner water. 

You do a lot of idling on this lake, there's a lot of stumps out here. 

There's no doubt, thank goodness, that like Lance Vic and some other guys have created BOATLANES trail maps to help you navigate and run some more stuff other than what is buoyed.

There's just so much stuff to fish here it's crazy. 

Stuff like this that I'm doing that I know most of our guys won't be doing, and most locals won't ever do this.

It could be glorious, the perfect little spawning hole trying to figure out how to rig this thing weedless, so I don't hook anymore.

I'm warming up now, finally.

I had it in my head that the very back, you know, main creek arms and all that would be the first fish to pull up shallow, and that was going to be the feel. Okay, do I go very back of this one little pond that had some clear water or goes down towards the dam. Now I need to figure out which one is going to work best with Lake Fork Fishing.

Boatlanes Lake Fork gps map

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