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How and Exactly where to Fish Weedless Swimbaits

Challenging-thumping paddle tail swimbaits like the weedless-rigged Megabass MAGDRAFT FREESTYLE continue to be an forgotten selection for massive bass all-around address. Chris Zaldain shares a number of tips for maximizing the usefulness of all weedless swimbaits when bass are relating to the thick things.

Chris notes that weedless swimbaits excel everywhere you would by baits like swim jigs and spinnerbaits assume grass clumps, laydowns, grass flats and even dense shallow address in which you would ordinarily fish excitement baits or hollow overall body frogs. Zaldain notes that a sluggish-to-average retrieve velocity is most helpful with this entice fashion but it really is significant to place your rod correctly relative to the bait. Chris handles all this and additional in this enlightening swimbait movie.

Check out out this movie for particulars on rigging the MAGDRAFT FREESTYLE.

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