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Fishing in Galveston: What to Expect On Your Trip

Written by: Catchmefishing
Date:  August 17, 2021 

It's no secret that Galveston, TX is one of the best places to drop anchor when you're looking for an unforgettable fishing experience. Up to 3 million people go fishing in Galveston in the Gulf of Mexico each year because of its diverse marine life, providing plenty of fishing opportunities for both seasoned anglers and first-time fishers alike.

But what exactly can you expect during your Galveston fishing trip? Here, we'll dive into some of the key points you need to know when you set your sails for Galveston.

The Season Determines Your Catch

trevally jac fishing in galveston

The Gulf of Mexico is great to fish in all year round. But if you're looking to catch a specific fish, you want to be sure you're angling during the right season. Summer is the best time of the year for deep-sea trips, especially for Red Snapper and King Mackerel. Amberjack, a hard-fighting fish and a challenge for any angler, are most likely to take your bait in the late summer and early fall. Once fall arrives, the most popular fish of choice is the Flounder.

The winter season can be hit-or-miss when fishing in Galveston due to unpredictable winds and cold fronts. However, if the weather cooperates, you can typically catch Redfish, Sheepshead, and Flounder. Sheepshead and Giant Black Drum are also easy to spot during the spring.

Catch and Release: Shark Fishing

What separates Galveston from the pack when you're looking for an awesome fishing experience is that you can go on catch-and-release trips for sharks. The Gulf of Mexico is home to Spinners, Blacktips, and Sandbars with Tiger sharks and Bull sharks also occasionally making an appearance. The average shark caught during a Galveston fishing trip measures between 4 ft and 7 ft long and comes in at an average of 100 lbs. 

Releasing is crucial when shark fishing because sharks are what keep the Gulf of Mexico an ideal fishing spot for anglers. Not only do they help to maintain a healthy ecosystem under the water but they also make sure that the other fish you catch are strong and healthy. No angler wants a disappointing catch.

Head Out to the Ocean

Tuna fishing in galveston

Catch-and-release shark fishing isn't the only type of fishing trip you can go on while you're out in Galveston. Deep-Sea Fishing and Bay & Jetty fishing are also popular options. Deep-sea fishing typically involves a combination of drift fishing, trolling, bottom fishing, and jigging anywhere from 10 miles to 100 miles from the shoreline. During these trips, anglers can expect to catch Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Dorado, Sailfish, Tripletail, Ling, Wahoo, and Jack Crevalle.

Bay & Jetty fishing is great for beginners or anglers looking to fish with their families. Not only will you be doing a combination of bottom fishing and light tackle but you'll also have the chance to spot dolphins around the bay. On Bay & Jetty fishing trips, the most common types of fish that are caught include Spanish Mackerel, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Red Drum, Black Drum, Whiting, and Pompano.

Galveston is a great fishing spot if you're looking for a unique and thrilling fishing experience. Not only is the Gulf thriving with incredible marine life but Galveston is also home to the largest jetty complex in the world. That said, the next time you're on the hunt for a new fishing spot, give Galveston a try.

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