Common Hollywood Bloopers (inventory footage / archival footage)

Common Hollywood bloopers motion picture stars use a lot of expletives, foul language, flubbed strains, tripping and slipping, WB outtakes consist of Kay Francis, Edward G. Robinson, Dick Powell, Claude Rains, Humphrey Bogart, Joe E. Brown, James Cagney, Errol Flynn, John Garfield, Victor Jory, Patsy Kelly, Dick Foran, Pat O'Brien loses toupee, far more visits and falls, outtakes from “My Guy Godfrey” with William Powell and Carole Lombard, Bette Davis and Bogart, Cagney and George Raft sluggish dance collectively (“Each and every Dawn I Die”). Far more Bogart goofs, Ronald Reagan, prop gun malfunctions, motion picture scene interrupted by passerby in history going for walks seashore goofy interval scene with Errol Flynn Jane Wyman prop mug breaks, laughter prepare station established, lady operates to guy, visits and falls. Actor pretends to dive into h2o, hits floorboards. Pat O'Brien retains flubbing strains, Cagney, Ann Sheridan (“Torrid Zone”). James Stewart goof Bogart Davis. Assorted prop gags and goofs, lighter isn't going to light-weight actors test going for walks as a result of doorway that will never open up creation assistant walks on established actor picks up cellphone upside down actor are unable to keep in mind strains Ronald Reagan in entrance of map that rolls up abruptly guy lights soldiers' cigarettes unintentionally burns actor's nose soldier places on incorrect measurement hat.

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