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There is a lot of tackle involved with fishing. Tidiness and organization are important, it gives you more time catching fish and less time stressing. The best fishing tackle bag has to be lightweight, somewhat waterproof, and plenty of space for all of your tackle. Fishing bags should also be good enough quality that they won’t break so easily, standing up to the daily life of fishing wear and tear is the key. The best fishing tackle bag should include water-resistant pockets, and compartments should provide a protective layer against the water and the weather you deal with when fishing. When it comes to storage, the more storage the better. Providing enough pockets for all of your gear at the same time as being lightweight.

Plano Fishing Tackle Bag 3500 Guide Series Review Winner

fishing tackle bag reviews



  • Molded waterproof bottom with impact resistance. 
  • Comes with 5 StowAway boxes from the 3500 Series ProLatch range.
  • Top-molded quick access to 1 StowAway using elastic tie-downs.
  • Carrying strap, 3 outer pockets.
  • Measurements 30cm x 17cm x 18cm.

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The Plano 3500 Guide Series Tackle Bag measuring 30cm x 17cm x 18cm, is a small but very efficient and compact tackle bag. The first thing you realize, once placing your hands on the Plano 3500 Guide Series Tackle Bag is the overall quality, it feels strong, the zips feel secure and the craftmanship seems high. Included is 5 StowAway boxes from the 3500 Series ProLatch range. It was quite easy to fit an extra box inside without much difficulty if a sixth box is needed. The molded top part of the bag is a fantastic way to access lures, baits on the fly, without having to dig through lots of tackle to find what you need. Two pockets at either end and one front pocket are just the right size for glasses, line spools, and any other moderately sized fishing accessories. Although not as big as some bags, it can hold everything you will need and more due to the brilliant design and layout. Catchmefishing’s best fishing tackle bag of 2021.

Plano 3500 Guide Series Tackle Bag Rating
  • 92%
    Value - 92%
  • 96%
    Usability - 96%
  • 95%
    Quality - 95%
  • 90%
    Popularity - 90%

FoolsGold Large Insulated Fishing Tackle Holdall Bag Review



  • A large center compartment that is insulated and waterproof.
  • 3 pockets, 1 large at the front and 1 on either side.
  • Each pocket has outer mesh pockets.
  • Carrying strap, 3 outer pockets.
  • Measurements 57cm x 30cm x 30cm.

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The large insulated fishing tackle holdall bag from FoolsGold offers a spacious tackle bag at a very reasonable price. The cool insulated 50L center compartment is great for keeping all your items chilled, for example, baits or food. The bag is made from strong polyester and the strength of the bag, in general, seems very sturdy. Pockets on each side of the bag, as well as one on the front, provide ample space. Although the pockets do not provide insulation, they make very good additional space for none insulated items. As well as being insulated, the main compartment has a waterproof lining, helping to keep all of your items dry. The carry strap is very comfortable to wear and once around your back, it will be hard to notice that it’s there. The price and quality of this bag make it very popular!

FoolsGold Large Insulated Fishing Tackle Holdall Bag Rating
  • 90%
    Value - 90%
  • 90%
    Usability - 90%
  • 85%
    Quality - 85%
  • 98%
    Popularity - 98%

Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag Review



  • High durable PVC backing and polyester fabric.
  • 2 holders for pliers, includes 4 large plastic tackle boxes.
  • All-weather bottom molded from tough plastic.
  • Carrying strap, 5 outer pockets.
  • 1.7 L Size compartment.

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The newest Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag is the second bag in the series from Spiderwire. The Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag is a sturdy bag that also feels very robust and durable. The main compartment is 1.7L capacity and includes 4 large plastic boxes, although the boxes don’t seem to be the toughest, as a result, they might need replacing if used heavily in the future with more durable boxes, like the Plano 3700 boxes that fit in this bag brilliantly.  Storage is no problem for the Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag, with a whopping 5 outside pockets; 2 either end and 1 center front, you will never be worried about not fitting all your gear inside.

Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag Rating
  • 87%
    Value - 87%
  • 90%
    Usability - 90%
  • 85%
    Quality - 85%
  • 85%
    Popularity - 85%

All of these bags reviewed have their purpose, whether you need a bag to be large, compact or something in between, all of these bags have great quality. It was a close first place between the Plano 3500 Guide Series Tackle Bag and the FoolsGold Large Insulated Fishing Tackle Holdall Bag for me. But because the quality and design of the Plano 3500 Guide Series Tackle Bag are so good, it is the deserving winner. As a result, it’s our best fishing tackle bag of 2017. Browse more fishing tackle bags below.



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