Bass Fishing Tips Off The Bank, NEW LURES & TUTORIALS

bass bank fishing tips

Bass Fishing tips Lures and Tutorials

Bass fishing tips off the bank in deeper water is a great way to target post-spawn fish. In this vlog, Lakeforkguy giving you fishing tips for fishing off the bank and using some new bass fishing lures to catch these fish. Using a fish finder is key to finding these fish as well.

Lakeforkguy will show you some fish finding tips on the graph that will help you identify fish and be able to tell if the bass are feeding or not. Lakeforkguy’s primary fishing techniques for this video are a Carolina-rigged plastic worm and a boot tail swimbait. The needle worm and the ring fry worm were catching the most numbers of bass, but he had the biggest fish when fishing the swimbait. He got on a few different schools of largemouth bass and they were in similar water depths around the lake. Fishing away from the bank can produce some big bass and lots of them in the post-spring months. Even though this is spring time now, there are already fish moving away from the bank and more fish will be moving to deeper water soon.


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