10 Match, Float and Coarse Fishing Guidelines, Tips and Hints

10 Coarse, Match and Float Fishing Tips, Tricks and Hints
December 1, 2022

Coarse, Match and Float Fishing Tips

Welcome back to my fellow anglers and fisherman alike!

This time on "the quick 10 tips" we have 10 Match, Float and Coarse Fishing Tips, Tricks and Hints to help you out. Helping you beginners and even experts to gain some knowledge! Learning new things is fun, you can always learn new things even as an expert!

Previously we have done 10 tips for Bass and Carp fishing, which links can be found at the end of this post.

10 quick course fishing tips

    1. Pick a venue that has lots of fish! I know how this sounds... but picking a venue with lots of fish gives you the chance to catch more fish. People new to fishing can have very small attention fresh hold, and it can become boring very quickly if you are not catching. Keep your eye out at the top of the water when you visit the venue for bubbles and jumping fish. This will indicate the waters are stocked with plenty of fish. Ask people how they are doing also.
    2. Use a rod that is from 10ft upwards, and try to stay away from very short rods to start with. Longer rods will really help with casting and striking when a fish bites.
    3. Make sure when you fill your reel with the line, it reaches the lip of the spool. Under-filled reels cause friction, making it harder to cast.
    4. Use between 3 - 8lb line. Going higher than 8lb will make casting extremely hard when using a light and small float.
    5. Use inserted wagglers on still-calm waters. Weight it with shot weights so it's just to the tip and the main shaft is underwater. This will make bites look more dramatic and the fish will not feel the resistance as much.
    6. Place 2/3 of the shot weights around the float. Space the remaining weight down the line, placing the smallest shot nearest to the hook. Space the shot weight out every couple of feet.
    7. Always plumb your depth if you are fishing on the bottom. You will notice more bites and more fish if you are on the bottom properly!
    8. If you are trying too hard to cast and it's taking a lot of effort, check that your line is level with the spool lip on your reel. Also, make sure your float is not too light and replace it with one to help with casting.
    9. Use straight wagglers when you need extra stability on a windy day or the water is not calm.
    10. Pay close attention to fish bites and float movements. Shy fish might play with your bait, and you could strike too early, Like bigger fish. Smaller fish might need a fast reaction to catch the fish. Observing and practicing is the key to testing your striking times to perfection.

Final thoughts

If you follow these 10 coarse fishing tips, you will be on to a flyer! All your friends will wonder how you caught so many fish, and you will look like a pro! 🙂

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